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photo of National Kitchen by Violet Oon Pulut Hitam (Vegan) shared by @charissasx on  05 May 2021 - review

Visited Violet Oon as they just expanded the availability of their “best plant-based dishes” (their words on Instagram not mine) across outlets — this was one of the few entirely vegan options! Rich and creamy pulut hitam more

photo of Miznon Singapore Lavan shared by @charissasx on  05 May 2021 - review

I mean....what hasn’t already been said about Miznon’s food? Hearty, generous portions, great balance of flavours. My only tip is to eat this in the restaurant. Getting takeout and eating this 30 mins later doesn’t do the more

photo of Origin Grill Celeriac Tris shared by @charissasx on  19 Apr 2021 - review

Who knew a grill restaurant would have a nice selection of vegan dishes? Call me crazy but I love starting a meal with a hearty soup — yes even in crazy hot Singapore! This was made sous vide celeriac which is naturally more

vikas The vegan food at Origin is divine!Reply
photo of Impossible Foods Impossible Meat shared by @charissasx on  05 Apr 2021 - review

Impossible Foods

It was on sale so I had to do it...was warned that the raw product is pretty ‘wet’ but I didn’t have any issues cooking this. Absorbed seasoning well, cooked relatively quickly. Great for a quick Monday night stir fry!

atozee What did you make? 1 likeReply
charissasx Impossible, kale, spinach, tofu stir fry! Tempted to add Just Egg to my cart next but it’s $17 for four pieces.....1 likeReply
atozee I was one of those suckers who bought it ☹️1 likeReply
charissasx 😂 Couldn’t get it even if I wanted to now — it’s sold out at everyday vegan grocer and little farms1 likeReply
photo of Forty Hands East Coast Warm Veggie Salad (without parmesan) shared by @charissasx on  31 Mar 2021 - review

Literally my favourite salad of all time. The individual components are so well seasoned. #veganized by ordering without parmesan. Added the sesame crusted falafel today which brings a nice bit of heat. Also think it’s baked more

fourdollars Wow... Looks rly good 1 likeReply
charissasx It is!! A bit pricey at $26 but I ordered via Grab and did a self pick-up for 30% off 😛Reply
alexisedsoto Looks so delicious!1 likeReply
atozee $26 for a salad?! 🥵Reply
charissasx Just over $18 if you factor in the Grab self pick up discount.... Reply
vikas Damn that sesame crusted falafel looks amazing 🤩 Reply
charissasx Super dope. Nearly ordered it at forty hands again today in fact 😂1 likeReply
photo of Sunny Slices Veggy Nuggy shared by @charissasx on  30 Mar 2021 - reviewphoto of Sunny Slices Veggy Nuggy shared by @charissasx on  30 Mar 2021 - review

Ok seriously what kinda sorcery is this 🤯...100% vegan nuggets that taste better than Maccas. Dying to know what exactly goes into this and that curry! sauce! Please bottle and sell this by the gallon already.

photo of Coco Tribe Coco Tribe Vanilla Yogurt shared by @charissasx on  28 Mar 2021 - review

Coco Tribe

Have been hunting for a plant based (store bought) yoghurt that still has the creamy consistency of its cow’s milk cousin, and Coco Tribe does a very decent job. Not very sweet, good tang, just wish it wasn’t so pricey! more

photo of Privé Tiong Bahru Japanese Katsu Don shared by @charissasx on  28 Mar 2021 - review

I’ve had several TiNDLE dishes now and this is probably my fave. Saw a couple of reviews that said there wasn’t enough curry so was prepared to ask for more...but they gave us extra curry without asking! (See background) more

david- Amazing dish and review!!1 likeReply
charissasx Thanks David! Hope you get to try some TiNDLE soon!Reply
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