Warm Veggie Salad (without parmesan)

  • Is Warm Veggie Salad (without parmesan) vegan? Yes! Warm Veggie Salad (without parmesan) is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Forty Hands @ ECP is quite veg-friendly and there‘s a nice variety of options on

their menu that you can #veganize 👍🏼 They have a whole section on their menu dedicated to “Healthy Stuff” which I appreciate.
I never, ever order a salad but this one is an exception 🥗 It has so many good stuff: kale, roasted pumpkin, tempeh, tofu, broccoli and seasoned brown rice balls 🍚
The brown rice balls add an interesting and nice touch because I‘m addicted to Asian food 🥡🥢 and it makes the whole dish taste a bit more Asian-y and is just the right amount of carbs in the salad! It’s also seasoned perfectly and goes very well with the kale 🥬 I don’t like tempeh but the tempeh in this dish was toasted (?) so it adds a very mild smokey flavour that makes the taste of the tempeh less overpowering and actually quite tasty.
If you order coffee or tea here, you can opt to switch to oat milk 🥛 for $1. I ordered the Chai Latte with oat milk which was very nice as well, not too sweet and the taste of chai wasn’t too overpowering.

I think this might be the 5th or 6th time I’ve ordered this! If I

could create the perfect salad, this one would come would be it.

The kale is cooked, not raw, which I prefer. The tempeh has a nice smokey flavour, and the seasoned rice balls are 👌 Everything goes so well together #wfpb #wholefoodplantbased #healthy

Literally my favourite salad of all time. The individual components are so well seasoned. #veganized

by ordering without parmesan. Added the sesame crusted falafel today which brings a nice bit of heat. Also think it’s baked rather than deep fried, so feels extra righteous! 🌝

a yummy bowl of warm kale, broccoli, pumpkin, tofu, tempeh and brown rice balls! minimal

seasoning but yet so tasty and healthy. wished that there was slightly more veggies (mushrooms and avo? :D) cause of the steep price but overall i was still very satisfied and full!

This warm salad with kale and tempeh and tofu and broccoli is pretty tasty And

goes well with the brown rice balls. Highly recommended!

I always get the same thing when I’m here even though they have plenty of

other vegan options bc I just love this salad so damn much! Love the generous amount of kale and love the brown rice balls. Their oat milk chai latte is also my go-to

It was absolutely delicious! I love a good hot salad. Very well dressed and seasoned.

A great balance between the vegetables, rice balls and tempeh. Highly recommend!

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