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Born in 🇮🇳 made in 🇺🇸 father to 🐶👧👶 Whoever saves one life saves the world entire Help us make abillion better: [email protected] 🥕🥕

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photo of Pip & Nut Nut Butter Cup Advent Calendar shared by @appleappleamanda on  06 Dec 2023 - review

Nut Butter Cup Advent Calendar


Pip & Nut

  Pip & Nut are a great company doing lots to support the local community. They donated 3 jars of peanut butter to a Hackney food bank when I purchased this. The shipping, materials and product itself are all so thoughtful more

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vikas An advent calendar that’s vegan is already special. When it’s good that’s even more special. But to do this?! A vegan peanut butter cup advent calendar?!!! That’s freaking crazy! 😜 6 likesReply
photo shared by @vikas on  05 Dec 2023 - post

Jackfruit dumplings yumm 😍

veganhubby Jackfruit..interesting…Reply
fulfilling Did you make them yourself?Reply
photo shared by @vikas on  04 Dec 2023 - post

✅ runs a state oil company
✅ wears a million dollar watch
✅ flies around the world in private jets
✅ President of COP 28
✅ masquerades as an environmentalist


alice50 who is this person?Reply
vikas President of COP 28 and also CEO of Adnoc, the UAE 🇦🇪 oil company.1 likeReply
Thank you for drawing attention to this Vikas.

Very troubling that he is the president of Cop28 and yet is quoted as saying ‘’There is no science out there, or no scenario out there, that says that the phase-out of fossil fuel is what’s going to achieve 1.5C.”
Bill Hare the Chief Executive of Climate Analytics responded, saying “Al Jaber is asking for a 1.5C roadmap – anyone who cares can find that in the International Energy Agency’s latest net zero emissions scenario, which says there cannot be any new fossil fuel development. The science is absolutely clear [and] that absolutely means a phase-out by mid-century, which will enhance the lives of all of humanity.”

It seems that there are enough climate scientists with no vested interest (unlike Al Jaber the chief executive of the United Arab Emirates’ state oil company, Adnoc) confirming that we need to phase out fossil fuels as a matter of urgency.4 likesReply
veganadam I found this quote in an article the BBC published:

"It is the equivalent of appointing the CEO of a cigarette company to oversee a conference on cancer cures,"
-Zeina Khalil Hajj ( 350.org )

Yep.. Fair point! 😀🙁3 likesReply
punilu what a shitshow 🙃1 likeReply
asiagaleotti this could be a good costume for Halloween. But I'm too scared to wear it xDReply
photo shared by @peter-plant-power on  30 Nov 2023 - postphoto shared by @peter-plant-power on  30 Nov 2023 - postphoto shared by @peter-plant-power on  30 Nov 2023 - postphoto shared by @peter-plant-power on  30 Nov 2023 - postphoto shared by @peter-plant-power on  30 Nov 2023 - postphoto shared by @peter-plant-power on  30 Nov 2023 - postphoto shared by @peter-plant-power on  30 Nov 2023 - postphoto shared by @peter-plant-power on  30 Nov 2023 - post

I know I am far too late for the #ditchleather #veganisnotscary challenge.
But I wanted to share this anyhow.
I want to send a flower to this company called FeetUp. They manufacture a tool that I’ve been using for more

photo shared by @vikas on  01 Dec 2023 - post

Healthy twins who ate a vegan diet for eight weeks had lower “bad” low-density lipoprotein, or LDL, cholesterol, better blood sugar levels, and greater weight loss than siblings who ate a diet of meat and vegetables, a new more

plantpowerpuffgirl Wow! I am impressed! 👋💚🌱3 likesReply
photo shared by @opheliajoy on  22 Oct 2023 - post

autumn 🍂 will forever be my favorite season! not only because of the beautiful colors out in nature but also because it’s the season for allllll my favorite foods- like figs, pumpkin, persimmons, and so many more 🫠 seriously, more

photo shared by @vikas on  28 Nov 2023 - post

Compassion for all including cockroaches 🪳

alice50 agree 100% End speciesism4 likesReply
fulfilling I have a problem. At night, it is very nice to sleep with the windows opened. Fresh & cool air. But, recent weeks, there are mosquitoes 🦟 feasting on us. It is really disturbing 😳 our sleep💤 . We switched on the lights, it went into hiding. When we switched off the lights to go to sleep, it came out of hiding & continue its feast. What solution do you have, beside applying mosquito repellent to prevent more bites & balms to smooth the itch? 4 likesReply
-juniper- Perhaps mosquito netting or some natural herbal repellant? 🤔 you must be delicious lol 2 likesReply
ziggyradiobear Spray citronella oil. Works for me.2 likesReply
fulfilling I apply the oil directly on my skin. When you mentioned spray, do you mean you bought those spray bottle & spray around your room before sleeping? 2 likesReply
fulfilling hahaha🤣 definitely too delicious! But I Dont want to be feast upon. I want my sleep 😴 I have forgotten about mosquito net. thank you for the idea :) 2 likesReply
fulfilling I replied you below2 likesReply
ziggyradiobear You can spray on clothes or sheet and covers, the smell turns the mosquitoes off2 likesReply
ziggyradiobear Don't need to spray so much, the good ones are very strong smelling, a little spray around your area will do.2 likesReply
fulfilling What brand do you use & where do you buy them from?2 likesReply
ziggyradiobear I got mine from taiwan. You can search on Shopee yourself. As long as it is not too cheap, it will be legit2 likesReply
fulfilling Thank you 🙏🏻 2 likesReply
photo shared by @abillion on  27 Nov 2023 - postphoto shared by @abillion on  27 Nov 2023 - postphoto shared by @abillion on  27 Nov 2023 - postphoto shared by @abillion on  27 Nov 2023 - postphoto shared by @abillion on  27 Nov 2023 - post

Week 9 has officially arrived, marking the grand finale of #veganisnotscary! 🎉
And guess what? We're pulling out all the stops for an extra-special giveaway. Hold onto your hats because PETA's very own Poorva Joshipura more

fulfilling Will you be writing too? I would love to read what you write :) 1 likeReply
danielgl An @vikas memoir!! 🤩Reply
fulfilling It will be tough as he would have to choose one member that inspires him the most :) 1 likeReply
danielgl I was thinking of an inspiring book about the abillion story! 🤩😍😉2 likesReply
photo shared by @vikas on  22 Nov 2023 - post

@veganhubby on fire 🔥 this week!

Also big ups to @dafnelately @parismelody @piggy-egg @xinru-t @consciouscookieee @ziggyradiobear @mushroomtarian @soy-orbison @fulfilling


piggy-egg What is this 1 likeReply
vikas Go to the impact page! It’s our new impact leaderboard5 likesReply
piggy-egg Tried but unable to see it 1 likeReply
piggy-egg Updated the software and manage to see it. Interesting 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻1 likeReply
veganhubby Thanks @vikas and @abillion , hope that this platform can bring more people, more voices and more love together.

The world can be so harsh, it’s awesome to have an online family like @abillion.

We have to open our hearts and have meaningful and authentic conversations with one another.

Life is too short and beautiful to live alone and not connect. And in general, as @vikas mentioned, the people here are positive and encouraging 🙏

PS I’m testing the algorithm, put two posts and five reviews and your scores will climb 😜 It’s great to reach the top but I don’t think I can stay there forever. It’s nice to see the Singapore flag in the worldwide top 10 too 🤣🤣🤣6 likesReply
berryveganplanet This is great 🙌🏼🔥🔥🔥’3 likesReply
whatthefuck Piggyyyyyyyy compliments !!!!!1 likeReply
jeanne-marie Is this already available worldwide? When I check the impact page it just says “it’s more fun with friends”, my app is up to date. 5 likesReply
unclenorton Hi! Yes it is. Can you try switching to another country and back to worldwide? There might be a couple of glitches that we’ll fix soon 🙇🏻‍♂️ 2 likesReply
jeanne-marie Just tried your suggestion, unfortunately it didn’t change anything on my side 🙃 but I’ll try it again later. 4 likesReply
kyu Same for me!5 likesReply
helena12345 Same for me!4 likesReply
danielgl Same for meReply
vivalaviolet I also am unable to see the leaderboard 4 likesReply
vivalaviolet Mine just says also “it’s more fun with friends” after I updated the app 3 likesReply
piggy-egg You can choose worldwide or your country 🤣Reply
unclenorton Hi! Sorry for the inconvenience. Can you try switching to another country and back to worldwide? There might be a couple of glitches that we’ll fix soon 🙇🏻‍♂️ 1 likeReply
vivalaviolet It still doesn’t show anything when I switch it 3 likesReply
myblissfuljourney I really like this new feature 1 likeReply
fulfilling Thanks Vikas for the mention 🙏🏻 1 likeReply
photo of Si Wei Mao Cai Vegan Mao Cai shared by @vikas on  21 Nov 2023 - reviewphoto of Si Wei Mao Cai Vegan Mao Cai shared by @vikas on  21 Nov 2023 - review



This lit my mouth on fire 🔥

Mao Cai is a traditional hot pot dish from the Sichuan province in China 🇨🇳 People here are fearless when it comes to the mouth numbing Sichuan peppercorn, a truly unique more

fulfilling Is this the level 5 you are talking about? 2 likesReply
vikas No more like level 3. I need level 5!!!2 likesReply
fulfilling Oh my…who can possibly take up your challenge of level 5🫣🤭2 likesReply
stevenneoh #spicy 🔥😋4 likesReply
berryveganplanet Looks delish! #welikeitspicy 🌶️🥵🙌🏼😋3 likesReply
marykitcat Can you put it somewhere in the discription that non perfect posts while people are discovering veganism and have different challenges in their lives that it is okay to post about products which are Simi cross contaminated to avoid people doing micro veganism? I had a girl comment about my Altoids post and I need her to understand veganism isn't about perfection it's about trying. Thank you2 likesReply
veganhubby Yea. I can understand you. But don’t be offended by such remarks. And you don’t need to reply or justify. Just keep your game.2 likesReply
eatyourgreens You guys have it so lucky in Singapore 😍2 likesReply
veganhubby The ingredients are quite forward and easy to prepare. You can try to make it. You need chilli oil and pepper corns, lotsa dry chilli. If you can get the mala paste from Asian supermarket 1 likeReply
veganhubby I mean straight forward Reply
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