Japanese Katsu Don

  • Is Japanese Katsu Don vegan? Yes! Japanese Katsu Don is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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It’s funny to revisit this dish a full 2 years after I swore I’d never

eat pork again. At the start of the #covid19 pandemic, I was at most a flexitarian that had lost her way and had begun eating more meat again; I was not of the best mental health so you know what? Give me a break. I ordered the same katsu curry from the same place pretty much every other day. It was nice and frankly I appreciated the routine. I was getting better, mentally, but food still all tasted like fluff and it was a means for de-stressing for me. Day after day though, I found myself getting more and more sick of it and I could eventually not take pork at all any more, and eventually even all battered foods. So come this dish, it was a bit hard to order. It looks so akin to that dish I had begun to loathe, albeit with white rice in place of fried rice. Meat by TiNDLE instead of pork or the more common vegan substitute, mushroom. I brought myself together to order it and #wow was that ever the right decision! I couldn’t even hold off from texting my friends a few bites in about how good it was 😭 The crisp alone was a work of art! Say no mention even the quality of the #fakemeat! I can’t tell what it’s trying to mimic; Pork? Chicken? It needn’t matter, the food of the future is plant-based and #crueltyfree 💛 The extra #curry came in handy to pour over my final few cuts of the fillet and the side of some apple salad, not visible in the photo, provided a nice acidic contrast to its richness. I’m in awe, I’ll definitely be heading back to give their other #bestpicks dishes a try 😋

I haven’t had chicken for more than a year now and this is feels so

much like one! It was a good meal to have after an intense session at the gym 😄 highly recommend and also abillion allows you to redeem a 5$ voucher on the app! #tindle #veganchicken

Mega happy trying out the all-new #tindle #katsu curry with the abillion voucher thta gave

me a $5 discount.
After a morning filled with enjoying all the amazing cultural treasures at the Asian Civilizations museum, lunch was well worth it at Prive.
Started off the meal with the fruit salad.
The Tindle meat was filling and textured excellently. The katsu gravy was reminiscent of rajma and went well with the cabbage salad and the rice.
#abillionlove #japanese

P.S. Rolling with the typo in the current db entry; machines > humans 😑

Finally got

to try this #tindle thing and see what the fuss is all about 😁 I would always have my #katsu with pork or ebi though, so I really don't have a reference for the #chickencutlet version 😬 Fwiw the omnivore consensus was that the texture was a near replication of #chicken (I personally would have preferred it drier/stringier), but the taste reminded them of several-day-old stale meat 😟 A bit less curry would arguably also have helped the thing retain its structural integrity.

But I'm glad to report that we polished this off all the same; clearly, #veganisnotscary! 💪

Best impromptu dinner company with @priyangav @emdothe77 🧏🏻‍♀️ Top marks for originality and presentation! Really

enjoyed the #TiNDLE katsu - tastes so much like chicken. We also liked that this was incorporated into an asian-fusion dish instead of another plant-based burger. Curry could be thickier and spicier, and the rice was slightly undercooked 😮 I want my belly to feel warm and satisfied after a good jap curry dish, and I feel like this dish has so much potential to achieve this! 🦦🦦


My parents always told me life was full of disappointments… I just never thought it

would come like this 😭 Visually, it wins. Everywhere else, so sad 🥲

The rice was lean and surprisingly dry? While the Tindle #katsu was breaded and fried well, it had an almost fishy stank. I was and still am confused. The texture leaves little to be desired… It’s got a bounce that’s just a tad too firm 🫣 The #katsucurry sauce was kinda bland and lacked that sweetness I crave in Japanese curry.

$20.50 for a sizeable portion and a pretty wonderful ambience (for which I’m sorry I didn’t get a photo).

I’d happily return to this Privé or any other but I wouldn’t order this 🫤

Was really excited to try this dish and the #tindle chicken did not disappoint! Really

nice texture and super crispy on the outside. However, the curry it was served in was a bit thin and watery, and the rice was slightly undercooked. Overall a solid dish with room for improvement — 10/10 for creativity! #abillionwomen

Got to try the hottest new plant-based chicken - #tindle (don’t be jel). Let me

start of by saying, even though I read all the reviews about it tasting like chicken and having the texture and stuff, my taste buds were still expecting some kind of soy chicken cutlet taste - the kind that you get at the chinese veg places purely just from habit. Boy oh boy was I completely WRONG to have that unconscious bias. This had the texture and taste of CHICKEN! Mind blown 🤯 I’ve had my fair share of vegan chicken over the years but they all have this soy taste to it, which I just am use to so I find that delish. But this was completely different! You’ve got to try this if you haven’t already!

Also side note: I read about how a lot of people were saying that there wasn’t enough curry sauce to chicken ratio so was expecting that. But then when I ordered it they actually brought some additional curry on the side! I love it when a business immediately takes consumer feedback and puts it in place. Mind you, this dish has only been around for only a week or so. Thanks Privé!

Privé is really gonna be the place for plant-based chicken alternatives - first the chicken rice and now this!

Feat. @elliott96

first time giving #tindle a try, it didn’t disappoint. texture wise it’s pretty on point,

the patty is super thick and the panko is crunchy. i loved the sesame cabbage salad but found the mango-apple-edamame-tomato salsa kindof odd. 🙃

Taste DELICIOUS. The texture almost similar to the chicken and also it is super thick

and doesn't even taste deep-fried. Just the portion of curry was very less.
If the curry quantity was good I might eat it daily 🙈.
overall the dish is worth the TRY/price, although you can redeem a $5 voucher from the restaurant page 😂.
#tindle #abillionlove

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