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Most helpful reviews

this is fucking delicious. some of the best nuggets i’ve ever had and i believe

i’ve tried almost all the brands that are available locally. the curry sauce is next level. 10x better than what mcdonald’s has.

Just go grab the 12 pieces now.. 🤓

It is ridiculous how insanely delicious these nuggets

are.. and their curry sauce!! *explodes*

Ok seriously what kinda sorcery is this 🤯...100% vegan nuggets that taste better than Maccas.

Dying to know what exactly goes into this and that curry! sauce! Please bottle and sell this by the gallon already.

delicious vegan nuggets!! crisp yet not too oily and the ‘meat’ was quite juicy. not

pictured: the incredible curry sauce that rivals maccers’.

these were seriously so mindblowing 🥵 the junk foodie in me could see myself eating

these as a meal on its own. the sauce tasted like a mcnuggets dupe and i found myself thinking about the big sea of possibilities if they sold bottles of nuggy sauce. 🤤

This definitely lived up to the hype! Super super yummy and similar to your meat

counterpart. Big thumbs up. However they were cold when arrived and we had to heat it up in the oven.

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