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😲😲😲😲 And that's how large you'll need to open your jaws in order to sink

your teeth into this 😋 Now I get the hype about Miznon, and now I know why 40-odd people have come before me to do a review of this #hotmess 🥰

The size of the #pita, and how gloriously they stuffed it with the sweet succulence of the baked #cauliflower lathered in #tahini and #salsa 🤤🤤 It actually reminded me of the texture and taste of baked crab, I would gladly accept 4 PCR tests as the price to pay for getting to eat this 😌

P.S. The #springonion sticking out the top was fabulous too ☺️

Can anyone else tell that I’m obsessed with this utterly gorgeous and delectable pita sandwich

❤️❤️❤️ that’s a pillow of the most doughy, spongy pita I’ve ever had stuffed with warm charred cauliflower that’s bathed in tahini and herbs and spices. There’s also a spring onion stalk which makes for a great toothpick 🤣

🇮🇱 food rocks and so does Miznon!

#miznon #israelinsingapore #letspita #tahini #falafel

Simply perfect, I could eat that all day, every day.

The roasted #cauliflower is so

flavorful, the pita bread is soft and comforting. The tahini brings richness an deliciousness.

I was just confused by the big scallion planted in the pita bread, I mean it's à creative presentation for sure, but not the easiest to eat, I think I would prefer it as a topping, cut in smaller parts 😅

I also love in the restaurant that you have pita bread and #tahini available for everyone. As a note, it's usually crowded during the week.

It’s been more than 24 hours but I’m still dreaming of this pita stuffed with

pure gold 🥰🥰 Love the addition of spring onion - it made the filling taste so fresh! The #tahini sauce is also perfectly seasoned. Serving is BIG so be prepared for a #foodcoma 🥲 🥙🦦 💤 DEFINITELY GETTING THIS AGAIN! #lifeatabillion #lunchatabillion

I mean....what hasn’t already been said about Miznon’s food? Hearty, generous portions, great balance of

flavours. My only tip is to eat this in the restaurant. Getting takeout and eating this 30 mins later doesn’t do the toasty pita justice! 😂 #abillionturns3 #wrap #veganwraps

Tried this after being #influenced by my coworkers and it was bombbb. Cauliflower was nicely

charred and not too soft, tahini was really nicely seasoned and evenly distributed, and the pita was warm and soft. Bit more expensive than the usual #lunch fare but it was well worth it 😅 #lifeatabillion

So I’ve been kinda sad that Urban Bites, my favorite Lebanese 🇱🇧 place in Singapore

🇸🇬 is closing down next week. 😢 But a friend told me that there’s an Israeli 🇮🇱 place called Miznon that I need to check out and funnily enough it’s around the corner from my office!!!

Went there today and have to say it was the bomb 💣💣💣 I had a pita sandwich stuffed full of cauliflower and tahini. Before I get to the cauliflower... the pita... oh my god this has to literally be the best pita I’ve ever had. It was so doughy, a soft but thick spongy pillow of deliciousness that just soaked up all the tahini without getting soggy like most pita sandwiches and wraps do.

And the cauliflower is amazing 🤩 Seasoned to perfection, tender and so plentiful!

Ok and the best part... there’s unlimited free pita, tahini and peppers for you to grab from the counter. A bunch of people just went up to the counter and grabbed some and were chomping down while waiting in line. I felt like I was back in NY!

Hooray #miznon!!!

White Pita - consisting of cauliflower, tahini, tomato salsa, chilli and spring onion. Pita is

soft and fluffy. Love the way they charred the cauliflower. Tahini was super amazing! Good size portion too! The only downside was that I felt that the seasoning wasn’t even. There were some parts of it where I felt it was a bit salty. The takeaway also included complimentary pita with dip and grilled peppers. #abillionturns3

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