Review of Lavan at Miznon Singapore by erialc

photo of Miznon Singapore Lavan shared by @erialc on  07 Jun 2021 - review

White Pita - consisting of cauliflower, tahini, tomato salsa, chilli and spring onion. Pita is soft and fluffy. Love the way they charred the cauliflower. Tahini was super amazing! Good size portion too! The only downside was that I felt that the seasoning wasn’t even. There were some parts of it where I felt it was a bit salty. The takeaway also included complimentary pita with dip and grilled peppers. #abillionturns3

leevardy Beautiful photo! ❤️ 1 likeReply
dourayra #reviewwithaview :))2 likesReply
herbimetal Omg what an amazing backdrop? I think the abillionturns3 hashtag is over it was for MayReply
erialc Oops! 😂 Reply

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