Review of Lavan at Miznon Singapore by vikas

photo of Miznon Singapore Lavan shared by @vikas on  26 Mar 2021 - reviewphoto of Miznon Singapore Lavan shared by @vikas on  26 Mar 2021 - review

So I’ve been kinda sad that Urban Bites, my favorite Lebanese 🇱🇧 place in Singapore 🇸🇬 is closing down next week. 😢 But a friend told me that there’s an Israeli 🇮🇱 place called Miznon that I need to check out and funnily enough it’s around the corner from my office!!!

Went there today and have to say it was the bomb 💣💣💣 I had a pita sandwich stuffed full of cauliflower and tahini. Before I get to the cauliflower... the pita... oh my god this has to literally be the best pita I’ve ever had. It was so doughy, a soft but thick spongy pillow of deliciousness that just soaked up all the tahini without getting soggy like most pita sandwiches and wraps do.

And the cauliflower is amazing 🤩 Seasoned to perfection, tender and so plentiful!

Ok and the best part... there’s unlimited free pita, tahini and peppers for you to grab from the counter. A bunch of people just went up to the counter and grabbed some and were chomping down while waiting in line. I felt like I was back in NY!

Hooray #miznon!!!

kerent10 Vikas, I’m drooling here from reading your phenomenal descriptions! 🤤 and by the way “miznon” is a Hebrew word for buffet 😋😊 I wish I could visit and have a taste. It sounds divine!3 likesReply
vikas Wow now I know! I love Israeli food, best hummus in the world! 🌞 and you should definitely come out to SG!2 likesReply
kerent10 I just shared this dish with an Israeli friend of mine that lives in Singapore, and he told me this place belongs to Eyal Shani, one of the best chefs in Israel 😄 and luckily enough he has another “miznon” place here in Israel... this chef, although not vegan, helped rescue a little lamb and got him to the Freedom Farm sanctuary in Israel (the organization I am donating my abillion money to). The lamb 🐑 was called after him: Eyal 😊4 likesReply
vikas Wow that’s an incredible story! Makes me even happier to support this restaurant and Freedom Farm!2 likesReply
kerent10 💚💚💚💚💚1 likeReply
vikas ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️1 likeReply
kndyd OMG, I'd go to Singapore just for this🤤3 likesReply
lizmaselli Sorry your favorite place is closing down ☹ But this pita looks delicious!!!3 likesReply
rikesh I wanna pita this Vikas! 🫓 🤩 3 likesReply
vikas Lol 😂 1 likeReply
david- Great pic again 📸 2 likesReply
clarendiee You paint quite a picture! 2 likesReply
sopheen Wow that pita looks sooo soft and it sounds like a dream that it's unlimited! I've always wanted to visit Singapore and this app has made me want to go even more! 😁 2 likesReply
vikas Make it happen and we can eat together!1 likeReply
sopheen So kind of you, one day!! 😁Reply
mallory17 Wow, looks delish. Yummy2 likesReply
agreene428 😍😍😍2 likesReply
aprilknight Looks yummy 1 likeReply
veggiexplorer Omg... I didn’t know urban bites closed 🥲1 likeReply
vikas Yeah thats what they said last time I ate there, March 31st. I kind of feel like I need to walk by and confirm it 😬Reply
veggiexplorer Hahahaha... if i walk past... i shall have a good look too1 likeReply
veggiexplorer Pass*** hahReply

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