Review of Lavan at Miznon Singapore by stevenneoh

photo of Miznon Singapore Lavan shared by @stevenneoh on  02 Feb 2022 - reviewphoto of Miznon Singapore Lavan shared by @stevenneoh on  02 Feb 2022 - review

😲😲😲😲 And that's how large you'll need to open your jaws in order to sink your teeth into this 😋 Now I get the hype about Miznon, and now I know why 40-odd people have come before me to do a review of this #hotmess 🥰

The size of the #pita, and how gloriously they stuffed it with the sweet succulence of the baked #cauliflower lathered in #tahini and #salsa 🤤🤤 It actually reminded me of the texture and taste of baked crab, I would gladly accept 4 PCR tests as the price to pay for getting to eat this 😌

P.S. The #springonion sticking out the top was fabulous too ☺️

carmelau Woooowwww this looks amazing! I bet it was delicious 🥵🤩🤩🤩🤩5 likesReply
stevenneoh Correct 😁1 likeReply
dafnelately This looks divine 🤩3 likesReply
runa Ohhhh it looks 🤤🤤🤤2 likesReply
unejanie i think messy food tastes better. 4 likesReply
helloitsme That’s “un-hinge-your-jaw” size! 😲👍2 likesReply
mynameislisa Oh hell yes.2 likesReply
southernveganupnorth 4 PCR tests 😂😂 Must be every bit as good as it looks! 2 likesReply
ftc This looks incredible 😍1 likeReply
stevenneoh 🤪🤪Reply
waisum The abillion office is just 2 secs away from miznon 🤪1 likeReply
stevenneoh Early early never say 😏1 likeReply
waisum U next time then early say!1 likeReply
stevenneoh Next time I'll announce my travel plans through the app 😛Reply

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