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  • Is Impossible Meat vegan? Yes! Impossible Meat is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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6 October 2020
It’s not secret I am #impossiblefoods BIGGEST fan!! Here are some tostadas I made with

refried black beans, sriracha lime cauliflower, fire roasted corn and of course impossible foods ground! #veganmeat #ditchdairy #veganlatina #veganmexicanfood #veganisnotscary

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I love using Impossible ground beef as an alternative to make burgers and more. Last

night was a burger night and they were delicious! I forgot to take a picture of the cooked burgers but I did snap one of the patties before they went on. I throw on a few basic spices and add a little liquid smoke for flavor and it’s a tasty dish. #veganburger #madeathome #impossible

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I made #Impossible tacos for my relatives to try during the Lunar New Year dinner

🌮 I was put in charge to take care of a few dishes for the reunion, so it is clear as day that i am going to make some vegan food!

I skillet the impossible mince in olive oil & placed them in between some corn shelled tacos with raw cabbage, diced tomatoes & Daiya’s shredded cheddar cheese, served with a side of calamansi & hot salsa for that extra kick.

I attempted to make these tacos for myself a couple of weeks before the dinner to test it out (as shown in photos 1 to 3), & then proceeded to make a larger batch of tacos for the reunion (as shown in photos 4 & 5). I also prepared Just Egg’s folded plant eggs & brussels sprouts with vegan sausages as well.

My relatives approached these dishes with an open mind which was great! This year was certainly something very different as my family/relatives have not had a vegan Lunar New Year dinner before! I do think i could’ve done a lot better with my cooking but oh well... what do i know 🤪 I am just a full time university student who meal preps.

#Impossible gets all the credit here. 0 cholesterol & 57g of protein PER pack! Absolutely love their products & the impact they are making in today’s society. They were so sweet to reply me via DM too. Is Impossible really impossible now that’s it’s possible?

📍 Purchased from Fairprice Xtra (Vivocity), & can be found in most Fairprice outlets

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This stuff genuinely tastes like beef, scarily so. I was able to cook it as

I would any beef mince & not notice any difference; The mince even bleeds! This product is a great option for omnivores looking to go more green 🤷‍♀️ and I intend to use it exactly as so 🥸 I do also hope to see plant-based meat alternatives to something other than beef though 🤞 especially with the technology that Impossible Foods has manufactured #proudlygmo (and I love it) 😉 I do have to mention that Impossible Foods has done animal testing in the past to get through various approval processes. They do not actively perform animal testing however. It has left my vegan peers with a sour spot in their mouth, but I’ll just let that out there and have you decide 😇 #abillionwomen #roomtoread #fakemeat

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