Doenjang Jjigae (Soybean Paste Stew)

  • Is Doenjang Jjigae (Soybean Paste Stew) vegan? Yes! Doenjang Jjigae (Soybean Paste Stew) is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

Enoki, Tofu, Potato, Radish, Shiitake, Zucchini

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Most helpful reviews

Soybean paste stew with soft tofu, enoki and shiitake mushrooms, potato cubes, radish chunks, and

zucchini. Served with wholegrain rice. Very light and healthy. However I personally felt the vegetables weren't sufficiently tender and the broth was too bland for my liking; I don't really think it's because of the lack of alliums because I've eaten delicious allium-free vegan versions in Korea, and the other abillion reviews didn't have similar complaints. Perhaps mine hadn't been cooked for a sufficiently long time because I was there when the eatery had just opened for the day? In any case I might try the Daehwa Vegetarian version of the same doenjang jjigae dish in the future to see if it is more flavourful, as I noticed the Daehwa one seems to come with additional chilli spices and the rice seems to be served with additional vegetables! (Allium-free, $12) #sgkoreanfood #socialenterprise

The soup reminded me of miso soup, and it was a little too salty. Besides

that, everything was great - fresh and tasty ingredients (soft tofu, zucchini, radish and potato), served with awesome purple rice. Really wish they could make the soup less salty, and it would have been excellent! #veganin2020

Came back again for this dish! Was spicy but it was just nice. Super warm

and yummy. Food for the seoul (soul ahhas)

It's a wet rainy new year so it called for a soupy dish but a

hotpot stew was too much for 2 pax.

Its soybean paste so its very miso'ish kind of taste.
Very tasty,flavourful, n a rich broth type,which i like. I didn't enjoy their spicy stew taste but since i'm a classic asian chilli freak, i asked for shitloads of chilli powder and those red chillies.
And the dish had so much more meaning after that!🤗

They're generous with d mushroom,i wld hv liked it wth more veg,but,oh well, can always hv a side dish.

One of the best dishes around! Tasty miso soup base with soft tofu, veggies, and

a few slices of green and red chillies. Note it’s not in toa payoh, rather it’s in Tai Seng

It was a very nice dinner, the proportion and taste are good enough and included

plant-based hotdogs, customers can also choose to have cheese or not which is friendly for vegetarian and ominovre ! I would say its a worth-returning restaurant :)

I feel like I’m doing us a disservice not being able to show yous a

video of this steaming bowl of #jjigae 🍲 It was piping hot! ..and hecking delicious 😋 You know this dish is #omnivoreapproved when the omnivore orders it and finishes every last slurp 😉 I’d highly recommend this if you’re a #mushroomlover cause every bite of this was one #mushroom after the other 🍄 I appreciate that the flavour of the #broth was mild, especially with the more extreme ones around us.

This dish, doenjang jjigae, is a soybean paste stew with ingredients such as potato, radish,

tofu, zucchini, shiitake and enoki. It is served together with Korean purple rice. The food at Boneless kitchen looks quite healthy. 😃 #korean #claypot

Soya bean paste pot is very flavorful with abundance of ingredients. The soup is also

refillable! I also had the pancakes, kimchi mandu and spicy tofu. Crispy and YUM! #veganisnotscary

Doenjang, a traditional Korean fermented soybean paste is gochujang’s non-spicy cousin and this doenjang noodle

soup is perfect for diners looking for non-spicy Korean food. I enjoyed the soup, only wished they added a little more doenjang for more intense flavours. At a little over $10, the soup is a great value one pot meal. I like ordering a side of Kimchi for a little spice kick and not get bored of the soup’s subtle flavours.

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