• Is Croissant vegan? Yes! Croissant is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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I seriously can’t believe how my friend @yuan finds ways to

make some of the things I miss the most 100% vegan. God bless you Yuan!

This croissant has everything you could want. It’s fluffy, flaky, crusty, buttery, and light as a feather with some nice dense doughy parts. It’s better than most croissants I’ve ever had. I think I’m basically eating this every Saturday morning for the rest of my life!

And you’ve converted my wife @mrsgarg who isn’t vegan but just said “Bye bye Tiong Bahru Bakery, hello Prive Tiong Bahru!”

#prive #privetiongbahru #tiongbahrubakery

Vegan perfection exists in the form of this buttery flaky croissant 🥐 😭😭😭 thank you

but seriously what sorcery is this Privé!? 🤯

#veganisnotscary day 16

After so many years of eating my favourite Delifrance eggs mayo butter croissants 🥐, I

finally found a vegan croissant. I wasn’t craving for one… more of being open to taste what #dairyfree croissant has to offer. #vegansnacks a tea break special before lunch.
Appearance 👍🏻
Size 👍🏻
Taste: light & fluffy 👍🏻
Presentation: on a wooden chopping board…I was pretty concerned about the knifes marks & darkened parts of the wood…are they mouldy? 😬

The croissant 🥐 is served with a tiny pack of butter which is made with dairy after confirming with the waiter. I returned it. I asked for vegan butter which Prive kitchen didn’t have after waiter went to check, & I felt a tint of disappointment. He offered strawberries jam which I gladly accepted.

The jam is sweet & overwhelming the croissant 🥐 that I stopped spreading it & just enjoy the latter on its own.

Price 😕$6.50 ( a little steep on its own)

The holy grail of croissants 🏆🏆🏆thanks to @vikas 's review I went and gave it

a try! Not too oily or dewy but fluffy and soft. All what makes a perfect croissant that reminded me of the one I had in Paris 👌 @yuan 👏
#abvteamfoodtography #feature

Shared this with @amindfulmiao cause there was only one left 😢 My advice is just

to have one for yourself cause they’re really good! This was good as I remember them being - wish it was more easily accessible to get vegan croissants here but this’ll do for now.

I can’t tell you how much I miss croissants 🥐 every time I walk past a Paul’s or when I’m in the supermarket and I see them stacked in a box... I wonder why they cant just use some vegan butter for a change!

P.S. this outlet is also #dogfriendly and they even brought a little bowl of water for Remus the doggo

🥐🥐🥐 My first vegan croissant!!! It looked too good to eat at first haha. The

chefs at Privé are remarkable! This tastes just like a non-vegan croissant - it's so buttery and fluffy even though I had it the next morning with @mariatirador #breakfastwithkow!

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