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The Privé #dessert portions are crazy, look at this! 😲😋 I love #stickydatepudding, so this

was my obvious first pick ☺️ The #gulamelaka #caramel sauce was gloriously sweet, plus there was a generous portion of #walnut topping and a decently large scoop of #ditchdairy #vanilla #icecream 😇

This was amazing when things started to melt/the pudding started to come apart under the simultaneous blows of competitive sharing. The different parts mixed together blissfully 🤤 #veganisnotscary, not a single omnivore told me they wished it had been dairy ice-cream 💆‍♂️

Now take a look at this gorgeous sticky date pudding in every angle. This is

my favourite of the 3 desserts that we ordered at Privé. It was sticky, and sweet but not too sweet, topped with gooey caramel which makes life better in general. And the nuts to give a little crunch to every bite. Yup I'd say it is a Must Try!

#stickydatepudding #dessert #privesomerset #veganisnotscary

I honestly love this dish. 10/10 for sure

It isn’t too sweet and the pudding

itself is really good but idk how to describe it. It’s like that perfect amount of sweetness that isn’t too little and isn’t too much, just on that “sweet spot” (ba dum tss)

The texture is soft and really enjoyable. Overall perfection.

I also love the fact it’s called “nice cream” I realize it means “not ice cream” which is really cute and the nice cream really really really compliments the pudding

When I saw this was vegan, I think I got overly excited and like even re-confirmed with the waiter if the “VG” symbol in the menu stands for “vegan” and it does :)

Overall: 10/10 #veganuary #pudding #singapore

One of my favorite things about Prive is that they always incorporate local #sg flavors

into their dishes. I enjoyed this pudding and love the fact that almost all of Prive’s desserts are vegan! #veganisnotscary

#veganin2020 I'm not usually a fan of sticky-date pudding - too cloying and, well, sticky,

but this one isn't. The texture of the warm cake is soft, not crumbly, so it cuts clean. Best savoured by scooping the cake, velvety ice cream and walnut piece in one spoon. Sure, in terms of originality it doesn't bring anything wildly novel to the table apart from being plant-based, but nevertheless decently delectable and one of the better plant-based desserts I've had in recent memory.

Oh this tasted so good! I'm a big lover of desserts and so happy to

see that many of Privé's desserts are vegan. The ice cream was nice, and the walnuts were a great addition!


Not typically a dessert that's veganised so it's something we order pretty much all the

time. Stickily satisfying as a pudding, and just delicious when paired with the super creamy vanilla nice cream. #veganuary

Was excited to try this after seeing all the rave reviews. Topped with gula melaka

caramel syrup, baked walnuts, and vanilla ice cream. However the sponge cake itself was disappointing as it wasn't moist and gooey, and the texture was like dry huat kueh. (Honestly would rather eat medjool dates straight-up as those are more indulgent and sticky, plus healthier too...) Didn't quite justify the price in my opinion. ($15)

Gula melaka caramel drizzled over a sponge cake, this was such an indulgent treat! Served

with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and topped with walnuts to boot. The sticky date puddinng was rich, gooey and moist. Usually I lean towards non-vegan desserts (there’s just so much more that you can do with eggs and dairy) but this pudding didn’t make me feel like I was missing out at all. Shared it with a friend, which halved the guilt and made wiping the plate clean twice as fun.

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