Dumpling in Chilli Vinegar Sauce

by Green BA
3.88 (10)
  • Is Dumpling in Chilli Vinegar Sauce vegan? Yes! Dumpling in Chilli Vinegar Sauce is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Loooooooove these dumplings 🥟🥟🥟

They were drenched in chilli vinegar sauce which was pow wow

💥💥🔋🔋 Skin was silky soft and the filling was bursting with veggies. 10/10 would order again! Great for sharing too!


This is really yummy! The dumpling skin is very chewy and the texture of the

fillings is very nice!

Went here for the first time. Realised (by the names) that a majority of the

dishes are mock versions of meat/seafood dishes. That's usually a bit of a turn off for me and my family. Got some snacks instead. The dumplings weren't bad at all. I think it was a minced vegetable filling. Quite saucy but a tad bit on the oily side.

#dumplings #veganisnotscary

These dumplings were good! Sauce and the level of spiciness was alright. Would have preferred

more filling in the dumplings.


Vegetarian dumplings soaked in light soya sauce, chilli sauce and vinegar. 😋

A vegan version of the 红油抄手. We loved the dumpling skin which was smooth and

not too thick. Unfortunately, the fillings was too little. We would have enjoyed it more if there are more fillings and if the sauce is more spicy. (It is towards the sourish end). Else, it might even beat crystal jade's vegan version

This wasn't the size or portion,took d pic after plating them.
Tastes nice, not too

But the dumpling is not too full i feel tht it could be filled up a bit more.
Good side dish to go along with the meals.

For those who miss 紅油抄手, this is your next option. I think the level of

spiciness and acidity is good. It's strong too, so I cant actually tell you what the taste of the filling is. Haha. But you can tell they added a mixture of ingredients, not just tofu, which I applaud.

The combination with the sauce is good. However, I would have liked more stuffing as

it was slightly more flour-y for my liking.

$9.25 (after tax) for 8 slender pieces of boiled #dumplings. Svelte -like (skin-wise) with the

perfect stuffing (quality, not quantity) in the form of mince, #blackfungus + some unidentifiable soft, bitey mush massaged into a beautiful, savoury marinade (#sesameoil maybe). Hold on, I'm not done yet; partnering dip just as awesome, packing some #szechuan heat (5/10) in #vinegar. Pricey but oh so good, i witch there's more 😥🪄

#alliumfree #chinese

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