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Nothing better than cheating just a little bit when you’re eating healthy and this bowl

of vegan deliciousness does just that for me.

Everything is perfect, from the sesame coated edamame, to the spicy bulgur, herbed sweet potatoes, and of course the panko crusted tofu!

#avorush #asiasquare #asiasquarefoodgarden #healthyish #tofu #tofulover

I haven’t been here for a while but their protein bowl came in #8 on

our list of 🇸🇬 Top 50 vegan dishes so I thought I’d head back to check it out. I’m so happy I did!!!! 😍😍 There’s nothing better than their panko crusted tofu... except maybe the new spiced sweet potato 🍠 which is absolutely nuts. Anytime I see sweet potato I’m kind of like I’d rather have regular spuds 🥔 but this was amazing! Maybe the best potatoes I’ve ever had.

They’ve also got delicious chewy edamame and my favorite bulgar with corn base.

Honestly I don’t think there’s a better meal for $10 anywhere in Singapore. I feel at home every time I’m here. Thank you!

#bestof #fiftybest #asiasquare #avorush

A very fulfilling meal indeed. My preferred choice spicy #bulgur as base, cajun spiced #tofu

and 3 sides #edamame #chickpea and #beetroothummus with #tahini dressing.
SGD 16 for this vegan protein bowl.
The drawbacks: if u want to have a quick meal, it would be wise to not go during the peak time as the queue can be pretty long.

I can’t stop raving about #avorush in 🇸🇬 I’ve probably been here a dozen times

now and haven’t had a bad meal. The owner is super nice and has been consistently adding vegan options for the protein bowl and the sesame #panko crusted tofu is out of this world good! Today I got it with bulgar, broccoli, carrots and beets and some guacamole. All for S$10 which is a great deal downtown.

#bestof #sgcbd #marinasquare

Ever since circuit breaker I’ve been craving their cajun spiced tofu, it’s really *that* good.

Back at the office today and caught lunch with the rest at Avorush.

I usually get their build-your-own bowl with spicy bulgur as the base, because it’s fun customising, plus they have many colourful ingredients, like the beetroot hummus. Today’s lunch with @summerong @waisum @jashment @smolnonling & @marapahara. 👯‍♀️

A M A Z I N G as always! Broccoli, zucchini, avocado, bulgar, corn and

sesame Pablo crusted fried tofu all topped with a delicious homemade tahini and sriracha blend. Was so damn good! 😎 #avocado #bowls #plates #asiasquare #sgcbd

Writing this as I’m eating the delicious popcorn-like fried sesame tofu at #avorush in Singapore’s

#asiasquare. They’re always switching around their options but I got everything on the plate for under $10. Spicy bulgar wheat, beetroot hummus, steamed broccoli, guacamole and their delicious tahini which I never get bored of. The combination of #healthyish ingredients totally hits the spot for lunch!


I 💚 Avorush 🥑 this was my first time ordering the large bowl that comes

with 2 bases, 2 proteins, 3 toppings and 1 dressing. Previously I didn’t feel super satisfied eating the regular one. This was a huge portion and left me pretty full, and I’m a big eater 😝 for the bases and proteins though, I only find one of each particularly nice. For the base it’s the spicy bulgur. Nothing can beat that as it’s bursting with flavour; the quinoa salad tasted pretty underwhelming next to it. I didn’t really like the vegan gangstas either (kidney beans with tomato 🍅 salsa) as I found them too sour. For protein, I would just stick with the fried tofu balls next time which are #sogood!!! Tip: ask them to put the dressing directly onto your salad rather than in a disposable plastic container, so you can avoid single-use plastic. They put my tahini on the tofu balls which was really nice. I’m so glad that they give out reusable cutlery🍴to customers eating in now, as they used to only give them to customers upon request. I hope that they can squeeze the dressing directly as well. I quite enjoyed the edamame, roasted potatoes and beetroot hummus 💜 Today’s guacamole 🥑 was too sour for my liking. I think next time I’ll get a Regular portion and add on 1-2 extra sides to get a portion that’s just right for me. We are #spoiltforchoice for sides, and there’s only one base (spicy bulgur) and one protein (tofu balls) that I really like. #sgtop50

The best part of this place is how fresh everything is! The sesame panko crusted

tofu is such a treat and they always have great veggie options including stuff that’s marked vegan, although just a few options as most of the veggies are glazed in butter 🙄 I absolutely adore the little touches like bulgar wheat with corn and the homemade tahini!

#asiasquare #sgcbd #bestof #healthyish @alyrauff think you will ❤️ this! 🐮🐥👍

This was the first time I went to Avorush at the Asia Square food

court. Not surprised by the long queues at lunchtime. I went for the option with the spicy bulgur, cajun spiced tofu, grilled zucchini, beetroot hummus, tahini and the guac.
For a spice lover like me, this combo worked like a charm. Will definitely be coming over to check out other variations.
#avorush #Asiasquare #sgcbd

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