Review of Vegan Protein Bowl at Avorush by herbimetal

photo of Avorush Vegan Protein Bowl shared by @herbimetal on  06 Mar 2020 - review

I 💚 Avorush 🥑 this was my first time ordering the large bowl that comes with 2 bases, 2 proteins, 3 toppings and 1 dressing. Previously I didn’t feel super satisfied eating the regular one. This was a huge portion and left me pretty full, and I’m a big eater 😝 for the bases and proteins though, I only find one of each particularly nice. For the base it’s the spicy bulgur. Nothing can beat that as it’s bursting with flavour; the quinoa salad tasted pretty underwhelming next to it. I didn’t really like the vegan gangstas either (kidney beans with tomato 🍅 salsa) as I found them too sour. For protein, I would just stick with the fried tofu balls next time which are #sogood!!! Tip: ask them to put the dressing directly onto your salad rather than in a disposable plastic container, so you can avoid single-use plastic. They put my tahini on the tofu balls which was really nice. I’m so glad that they give out reusable cutlery🍴to customers eating in now, as they used to only give them to customers upon request. I hope that they can squeeze the dressing directly as well. I quite enjoyed the edamame, roasted potatoes and beetroot hummus 💜 Today’s guacamole 🥑 was too sour for my liking. I think next time I’ll get a Regular portion and add on 1-2 extra sides to get a portion that’s just right for me. We are #spoiltforchoice for sides, and there’s only one base (spicy bulgur) and one protein (tofu balls) that I really like. #sgtop50

ycarolyn Agree! I feel only the spicy bulgar and tofu are mind-blowingReply
herbimetal @ycarolyn yeah. Next time I’ll just take those and get more sides Reply

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