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Trying to transition into plant-based foods slowly but surely ☺☺

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photo of Mr Bean Soya Milk Ice Cream (Cone) shared by @chocological on  14 Oct 2018 - review

I'm not sure how I feel about this tbh 😂 umm.. IKEA does soy ice cream better for sure. I guess this one gets like.. a pass from me? Not pass as in pass this out, but pass as in "it earns just enough grade to pass" kind more

consciouscookieee The ice cream contains dairy too!Reply
photo of VeganBurg Singapore Tangy Tartar shared by @chocological on  11 Sep 2018 - review

As usual, VeganBurg's burgers are always so exceptional! I legit cannot tell the difference with regular fish patty. Okay, the difference is that this doesn't make me feel bad after eating it! The taste of tartar sauce on more

photo of Delcie's Desserts and Cakes Banana Choc Fudge Cake shared by @chocological on  19 Aug 2018 - review

There are lotsa cakes here and they will cater to your dietary needs! From vegan, diabetic friendly, even to keto! This one particular cake is only vegan. They use low GI sweetener, so this won't spike your blood sugar, more

hownowbrownkow Wow, this looks awesome 🤤 I have to try!Reply
chocological YasssssssssReply
delcies Thanks for the feedback! glad you had enjoyed this cake warm for the ultimate best chocolate experience! upcoming, we will be having Rocher Chocolate cake, a new flavour and super awesome. Do check out our FB and instagram for upcoming launch. Reply
photo of IKEA Restaurant Soya Ice Cream Cone shared by @chocological on  29 Jul 2018 - review

I love it sooo much. I guess it's true that the simplest things in life are what matter most 😂 but for real tho, it's cheap and good, what else could you ask for? I literally come to IKEA just for this ice cream at least once a week.

noll-fyra What flavour is that?Reply
chocological Umm vanilla I suppose? There's only one anyways._.Reply
vikas #ikea going vegan!Reply
photo of That Vegan Cake That Vegan Cake - Chocolate Hazelnut shared by @chocological on  28 Jul 2018 - review

One word. Rich. I just can't 😂. It's so good, it's rich but not overly sweet. Finally found a cake that doesn't leave that cloying feeling you get from eating heavily sweetened stuffs! I love it and will definitely have more

vikas Wow that looks delicious! 🤤Reply
veggiemao Hehe send u some this evening!Reply
chocological It really is!Reply
vikas 😿 I’m so sad I missed the cakeReply
rationpi Whoooaaaa we getting amazing reviews from Singapore. This is so exciting! Check 'em out @meowmeowfuzzyface @lou @pal @hownowbrownkow @alyrauffReply
hownowbrownkow Nice! Looks awesomeReply
ophi this was my birthday cake, i loved it!Reply
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