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Tangy Tartar

by VeganBurg Singapore


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11 October 2020
Loved the cycle parking spotted just outside vegan burg

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[Tangy Tartar (student meal), $8.90]
Luscious tartar sauce with a hint of acidity (!! yum),

sweet sour pickles, crunchy lettuce, crispy soy patty, between beds of lovingly soft buns. A culmination of good things to produce something excellent. I did ask for the patty to be replaced with the mushroom patty, but alas, my request was forgotten (just a heads up for my other health-conscious peeps— you may change the patty to the grilled mushroom option!). Still, satisfying and made more worth the money considering the newly-introduced student meal. VeganBurg, major kudos for everything.

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$13.90 for a set meal that comes with seaweed fries and a drink!

had high

hopes for this because reviews said it tasted like fish but i was disappointed by this :( the sauce was too sour for my liking and completely overwhelmed the patty ; i could not really taste the patty!

eating the patty alone, it did taste a bit like fish, but not as fishy as i would have liked it to be, but then again this is vegan food and so i guess it’s good?

but the fries and drink were good and something i really really love about veganburg is the service and the generous portions! i was ravenous when i stepped into veganburg and i walked out having a food coma🤩

would recommend their creamy shrooms instead!!

#veganisnotscary #veganburger #veganburg

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Happy World Burger Day (Part 3)

Best I've had (thus far, #burger - wise) with house

made tartar, fresh token lettuce, pickles and crispy vish.

Verdict : party in the mouth and rightly priced @ $10.9, go for it ❣️ 😋

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I am in love with this Tartar sauce, it is very tangy indeed :) And

creamy !!

I’m actually very impressed lately on this place ability to make creamy sauces without dairy !!

The cucumbers complimented the tartar sauce really well and gave it a very refreshing feel to this burger overall

The soy patty is also pretty good, so if you don’t want to top up $7 for an impossible or beyond meat patty, the soy patty isn’t bad as well and overall makes the whole dish a lot more affordable and worth it (around $12)

Overall it’s pretty good if I have to say and I’d give it a 8.5/10

Tbh Ive been eating a lot of VeganBurg because there isn’t a lot of vegan delivery options on deliveroo around my house and I’m lazy to go out 😅 but I’m glad this burger is actually really good and that they have a lot of variety on burgers !!

It’s really nice to see a vegan fast food joint here in Singapore 🇸🇬 :)

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I love this burger so much!
Had lettuce wrap instead of bun. Love it this

way as you also have a salad of fresh lettuce, and it has a different taste than with a bun.

The patty has a slight fishy taste, with yummy tangy tar tar sauce. The pickles were nice. Come with cucumbers.

As we delivered, it came nicely, but when we transferred the burger onto our plates, the lettuce fell apart.. But the lettuce is fresh, and not cooked by the heat👍🏻

I had upgraded my burger to a set meal, and added on a vegan egg and tomatoes.

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Haven't had veganburg in ages. Wanted to try something I've never had as I always

went for the cracked mayo. Added a slice of vegan cheese. While I had it takeaway it's still good when heated up. I usually don't like eating sliced circular cucumbers but this was something new, moreover in a burger. The pickles and cucumber went well with the tartar sauce which I learnt was cholesterol-free as well! Patty had a nice texture, when I think of tartar sauce I always think of McD's filet-o-fish and this is the elevated, concious version x 100 🤩

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As usual, VeganBurg's burgers are always so exceptional! I legit cannot tell the difference with

regular fish patty. Okay, the difference is that this doesn't make me feel bad after eating it! The taste of tartar sauce on the "phish" patty is just so so good. It's also nice that I can ask for lettuce instead of buns, cuz I never really eat the buns when I have burgers 😂😂 the only downside is the waiting time tbh. It's uh.. kinda a slow fast food 😅

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One of the cheaper burgers 🍔 and one that I enjoyed quite a lot. It

reminds me of enjoying fillet-o-fish burgers at McDonald's a long time ago. Because of the square patty and tartar. The patty feels slightly fishy with this mix but not that fishy. Overall this combination is very nice in this burger. This and the Cracked Mayo burger are selling at 1 for 1 for the whole of this year so do grab yours! 🍔

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