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Steamed Dumplings

by Yu Long Vegetarian Food 玉龙素食
4.08 (8)
  • Is Steamed Dumplings vegan? Yes! Steamed Dumplings is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Yu Long Vegetarian Food 玉龙素食
Yu Long Vegetarian Food 玉龙素食11 dishes · 44 reviews

371079 Circuit Rd, 79A号邮政编码: 371079, Circuit Rd, #01-85, Singapore 371079

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Most helpful reviews

The stall owners used to sell non vegetarian, so thankfully the neighbouring stall owners persuaded

him to change to sell a vegetarian version. So now he is a full fledged vegetarian stall specializing in Shanhainese dumpling. The dumplings are well made based on the size, shape and colour. Tried the steamed version but found the taste bland. Perhaps I will try the fried version.
#dumpling #steamed

These dumplings are very well made w fresh ingredients.

Got these dumplings to go along with the noodles cooked at home. Think it’s filled

with mainly turnips. Nice that there’s bits of carrot and wood fungus in them. Filling is generous and delicious 😋 #veganisnotscary

Very tasty and good value for money. Ten pcs for $6 and fresh ingredients used.

Skin is just right with the amount of fillings. Great to go with the black vinegar and ginger

This was a good find. That stack had a few stalls serving vegetarian outlets. The

steamed dumplings were very good. Enjoyed this dish. Reasonably priced and healthy

Handmade dumplings are great comfort food. Love the chewy texture of the skin but filling

is slightly too pepperish. $6

prices have ballooned but still value for 💵 at 7 for 10 parcel-filled 🥟 😍

A little too oily but taste is alright. Texture of dumpling skin was too floury

and too thick.

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