Penang assam laksa

  • Is Penang assam laksa vegan? Yes! Penang assam laksa is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

look at the glorious pile of vegetables! 🥰 i aaalways feel recharged after eating vege

pot, and it feels especially comforting to enjoy this in this current climate 🌧 the sour in the soup really balances out with the spicy and the combo is really elevated when enjoying widdat the soup soaked veggies and springy noodles. 🤯 #veganuary

Extremely sour though I have been told it is authentic penang Assam Laksa and the

owners are from Penang #crf

I've never really had assam laksa from the places at #fortunecentre, but I did quite

like the one from another place. This version came with a lot of mint leaves, so if you like those then you might enjoy this dish. I kind of wish this dish came with more vegetables that were not mint leaves, but since this is relatively cheap I guess it is understandable. I do appreciate that a #vegan version of this seafood-based dish exists because I'm not a fan of seafood, but I feel there are better renditions of this dish elsewhere.

Wanted to get thunder tea rice but sold out. Then wanted to get the ginger

sesame lion mane mushroom but it’s no longer vegan 😢😢 decided to give their Assam laksa another go as it used to be my favourite here but the veggies as really all gone alr 😢 just mint, cucumbers, pineapple and mock fish.

Sour and spicy broth filled with rice noodles, small pieces of beancurd 'fish', pineapple cubes,

cucumber, and mint leaves. The taste was good but I wish there could have been more of the beancurd 'fish' or some vegan 'tuna' flakes!

Love the sourish and tangy base! Good mix of ingredients - pineapples, mock fish made

of tofu, cucumber and mint leaves. A light and flavourful dish that's worth a second try! $6

Everytime I order this dish,I'll laugh, at their presentation.
Feels like I'm eating a whole

plantation of mint leaves!😂

Sourish enough. Tasty enough yet feels clean n healthy n not msg laden.
Comes with tht 'fish'. And as usual I ordered the lion mane mushroom as an add on.

This shop still has very little mock meat n are mostly plant based, so I like them more than the other eateries at Fortune Ctr.

Enjoyed the dish! General amount of mint! Would prefer if other herbs are included too.

I would also prefer to have more variety in the ingredients. It was cucumber, pineapple, mock fish, and others.

My usual order! The soup is still really good but I’m a little sad that

the veggies are getting lesser 😢 mostly just mint and noodles.

My favourite penang laksa! As good as the original penang laksa! Super affordable and friendly

staff ☺️💕

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