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The two things I like most about this meal are the chicken rice sauce and

the broccoli. What a fabulous idea to offer broc instead of fries.

This is totally AWESOME!!! Veganburg has aced this so well!

I give a score of

million out of 10!!! It is really really really that good!

The chilli is PERFECT.

The ginger is HEAVENLY.

The fiery red chill with all the seeds in a nice watery paste is beyond words!

The patty is a normal plant based patty. The softness and creamy colour made it represent the “chicken”.

The cucumbers 🥒 are crunchy!

The tomatoes 🍅 and cucumbers are cut just the way when served on a plate of chicken rice.

There is spring onion leaf in the burger that normally serves in the soup or on top of the chicken.

I have add-on a slice of pineapple to represent the achar that are sometimes serve with the chicken rice.

I replaced the bread bun with coral lettuce. The lettuces are very generous and super fresh and crunchy.

The lettuces makes the meal felt healthier and lighter. I had their burgers bun replaced with lettuces a few times and it tastes way better than the bread buns.

The latter being a bread absorbed the flavour while the lettuces allows the flavour to come forth strongly with a punch!

Veganburg, you really ace this!

In celebration of 🇸🇬 National Day, VeganBurg recently launched their new 🐓🍚 Hainanese Chickenless

Burger 🍔 ! 🎉

This limited edition burger features a tender soy-based ‘chicken’ patty, enhanced with super fragrant ginger, soy sauce & other chicken rice spices. Really appreciate how it’s only very mildly spicy so it’s great for people like me 👍😊

#sgburger #burger

Hainanese Chix Burger from VeganBurg launching on Friday (29 July). I am so lucky to

get to try it before launch.

Tried both allium and non-allium version.

Non allium version... First bite really raise my eyebrow... super duper good. Definitely got the chix rice taste. It is spicy at the right level. Very flavourful. I kind of forget it is a burger and not rice!

Allium version... I kind of find it not as strong taste.... surprised since it got garlic in there. It is still tasty but I prefer the non allium version.

Haha try both and you may have different view from mine!

Ooh this burger smelled legit the moment I picked up the tray. The chicken rice

chilli hits the spot - although it's probably not spicy enough for a lot of people's liking. It's the dominant flavour profile of this dish, which also features more actual vegetables than you commonly find in burgers, which I appreciate. Not everyone will though, so maybe ask them to hold the coriander if that's not your favourite.

this is a MESSY AS HECK burger to eat - the sauce dripped all over me once the burger started spilling out of the wrapping.

Enjoyed this special edition burger - one of their best creations yet. Fresh tasting, with

a patty very close in texture and taste to a chicken fillet and a delicious chilli sauce, ginger ground paste and black soya sauce. A messy, juicy eat but totally worth it! Very filling and great size portion.

Tried their newly launched Hainanese Chicken Burger - National Day special. Chicken soy patty is

really delicious, tastes like the chicken rice version. Quite spicy btw, but loved the overall flavour of it.

The garlicky chilli sauce and cucumbers made it very chicken rice. And there was also

some soy sauce used. Quite an interesting burger. The patty was a little tough. I like that it is spicy.

It tasted really good.
Cucmber and tomato slices and lettuce were fresh and crunchy. Chilli sauce

was legit. Chicken(less) patty was good. And I loved the aromatic herb of coriander that added another layer of taste to the burger.

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