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Kimchi Mandu

by The Boneless Kitchen
4.20 (26)
  • Is Kimchi Mandu vegan? Yes! Kimchi Mandu is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

About the restaurant

The Boneless Kitchen
The Boneless Kitchen67 dishes · 520 reviews

1 Irving Place, Commerze @ Irving #01-31, Singapore 369546

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Most helpful reviews

Crunchy and juicy fried dumplings stuffed with kimchi and I believe some bits of tofu.

Not too greasy. Approved by non-veg family! (Allium-free, $10) #sgkoreanfood #socialenterprise

This is vegetable dumpling. The ingredients inside tasted quite spicy so one would think whether

you are still have Kim chi or not.

Generally great as a dish and comes with a sauce to go with. Sorry…it is my way of eating as all fried stuff are my all time favourite!!!


Vegetarian gyoza similar to a dimsum and slightly roasted so enjoyed the dish. Comes with

soya sauce. Don’t know what is the actual name of the dish in the restaurant. Advantage of going with a big group is that you try a lot of dishes.

Crisp on the outside, flavourful on the inside. Their sister eatery ‘Daehwa’ has dumplings on

their menu but it doesn’t come close to this kimchi version. This is a must order whenever we’re here.

When there was little expectations for a dish, and yet the first bite tells me

otherwise! That's the feeling! I think what puts it apart is the filling, I'm guessing the minced the vegan luncheon with some veg and kimchi. Now, it would be great if the pan frying could be improved to reduce the oil that stays on the mandu. Or... am I asking for too much~~~

Chubby fried dumplings stuffed with kimchi, 'ham', and sweet potato noodles. ($8)

This was a dish I had during New Year's Day as i was in that

area n it was absolutely delicious!!
Im crazy over their Kimchi Pancake, and this is my new favourite.
The filling is very generous, tasty, nicely balanced taste of the well made kimchi chopped thinly.
Just a tad oily for pan fried item but just dab with tissue if you're a freak. 😆

Generously filled kimchi, mushroom and tofu dumplings. My go-to at the boneless kitchen :)

so glad i tried this instead of sticking to my usual sides haha. the filling

is basically cabbage and mushroom - simple & tasty, wish there was a bit more of it. but the highlight of this dish is really the crispy skin! nice crunch without being too oily. my non-veg friend was really impressed by this as well 😋

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