Linguine Mushroom ‘Carbonara’

  • Is Linguine Mushroom ‘Carbonara’ vegan? Yes! Linguine Mushroom ‘Carbonara’ is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

Mushroom medley, cashew cream sauce, cashew parmesan, parsley (Add-on: Heura ‘chicken’ @ $4)

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Most helpful reviews

Missed carbonara & ordered this Mushroom Carbonara linguine with Huere Chicken. The linguine is al

dente and fully coated in the lovely carbonara sauce. There is a medley of mushrooms instead of how some just use brown mushrooms. The Huere Chicken has a nice chunky bite. Huere is probably one of the better vegan chicken.

#carbonara #pasta #linguine #huere #veganchicken #firstproductreview

Creamy, well cooked pasta with mushrooms and soy based chicken pieces. It could have been

a 5 star dish if the sauce had a bit more seasoning to it, the dish got a bit boring and heavy at the end. But all in all I enjoyed it.

Pleasantly surprised with @abillion10 printed on the bill pad.

Hands down the best carbonara in Singapore! Add the heura chicken chunks for a seriously

hearty meal. It’s a big portion I can never finish, which suits my bf just fine as he always wants more! 😋


My first time trying vegan carbonara and it was really good! I think they used

cashew to get that creamy base. #veganuary

The vegan sauce was just a little too nutty for me which affected the texture

for me; not sure if this is how it usually tastes or if it’s specific to this branch as I haven’t tried this dish at the other branches. Otherwise a decent mushroom-dominant pasta. Not particularly outstanding for the price but not particularly bad either. #veganin2020

Truly one of my most favorite dishes not only at Prive, but in Singapore 🥰

honestly, if I’m not ordering one of Prive’s TiNDLE dishes, it’s this #carbonara 100%

Ordered by carbonara gal which was bland (according to her). She took it further with

a pinch of salt and licked it clean.


The linguine was done nicely al dente. Wasn't bad but to be honest the dish

didn't leave that deep an impression on me...


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