Miso soya milk hotpot

  • Is Miso soya milk hotpot vegan? Yes! Miso soya milk hotpot is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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OMG THIS IS THE ULTIMATE #COMFORTFOOD 🤤 Soy milk + miso + veggies = #veganheaven

😇 it just goes so well, the flavours, and they cook the veggies so nicely. There's even a bit of jelly inside. So delicious and so healthy! I'm so glad my family chose this hotpot! Be sure to let them know you're vegan, dishes with vegan options aren't vegan but can be veganized. #bestpicks

I believe the vegan option replaces yellow soybean mock meat with more toufu wantons - which

is great because the handmade toufu wantons are toothsome and tasty. Other ingredients in the hotpot include peach gum, Chinese yam huai shan, chestnuts, shimeiji mushrooms, black fungus, broccoli, and corn. This soy milk miso soup base is nice and savoury, but I highly recommend the yuzu coconut miso soup base for those who like more complexity in flavours! (Allium-free, $27 S / $40 L)

New Fut Kai Vegetarian Restaurant has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the finest

purveyors of vegetarian Chinese cuisine in Singapore. While their renowned zichar dishes like Ee Fu Noodles, Glass Vermicelli, and Olive Fried Rice are delightful, the restaurant aims to truly stand out by introducing 'unique' offerings, such as their captivating #charcoalhotpots. This innovative twist has piqued curiosity, as #charcoal #hotpots remain a novelty in the culinary scene, unlike the commonly used electric or gas stoves.

During my visit on a bustling Wednesday evening, the restaurant was packed to the brim, and even walk-in customers were regretfully turned away due to the full capacity. Securing a reservation a month prior was a wise decision, as it seems this eatery is in high demand.

Now, let's delve into the charcoal hotpot experience. The #soymilk #miso #soup base was undeniably #creamy and teeming with #umami flavours. However, some of the ingredients didn't fully absorb these delightful flavors, with the exception of the chef's skillfully crafted #tofu #wontons, which served as perfect flavour sponges. My only disappointment was the simplicity of some ingredients. While peach gum, wolf berries, red dates, chestnuts, and Huai Shan added a unique touch, other components like broccoli, shimeji mushrooms, and sweet corn felt too commonplace. For me, dining out should offer dishes that are challenging to replicate at home, but this particular selection left me feeling less impressed, as I could easily recreate a similar dish with the same ingredients and cooking equipment.

Despite the minor setbacks, I must admit that the overall concept and flavours were commendable. However, I might stick to enjoying their exceptional #zichar dishes, which have become personal favorites over time.

In conclusion, New Fut Kai Vegetarian Restaurant undeniably excels in delivering some of the best vegetarian Chinese cuisine in Singapore. While the charcoal hotpot adventure had its highlights and letdowns, it's safe to say that their classic dishes will remain my go-to choice for a truly delightful dining experience.

Had this on National Day and it was so comforting and nourishing and yummy all

at the same time! You can make it vegan by requesting for it (remove some ingredients!) and voila! Perfect dish to have on rainy days, also they gave extra soup on the side 😉👏🏻

Soymilk Miso Charcoal Hotpot is filled with all kind of superfood ingredient. Red dates, shimeiji

mushroom, peach gum, sweet corn, chinese yam, toufu wanton, broccoli, black fungus, wolf berries, chestnut, yellow beans, soy milk, miso and charcoal. There’s even description on their menu on how each kind of ingredient benefit us. The savouriness of the soup is actually quite comforting. We like how the Chinese Yam (Huai Shan) were crunchy unlike the usual one that we always had which is soft.

Looks nicer than the laksa hotpot. It has more depth to it as well but

I prefer the ingredients from the laksa hotpot instead...

Very delish soup - rich and flavourful with a tad of saltish taste due

to miso. Packed with ingredients too. So nourishing!

Pretty good soup and dishes. Dishes varied from the other base i tried. Smaller size

is good for 2 pax.

The soup’s really good. Comes with lots of veg. I wish they let me choose

my ingredients though.

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