Mushroom (Veganized)

  • Is Mushroom (Veganized) vegan? Yes! Mushroom (Veganized) is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

To make this dish vegan ask for no sour cream and change Aioli for Tahini 👌

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Most helpful reviews

Not as gobsmackingly amazing as their Lavan #pita #wrap, but still mightily delicious 😋 I'm

glad I live 300km away from this place, or there would be trouble 😛 I couldn't get a better picture because this greasy Highness was sat in front of me and I simply #couldntresist 🤪 Three types of the glorious fungi - #portobello, #shiitake, and #oystermushroom - with a dash of #spicy from the #chilli and then #tahini as the sour cream replacement (yes this needs veganisation 😉) In summary, #sweetdreamsaremadeofgrease 🤤🤤🤤

I’m in love 🤩 ..and I’m not talking about @m1tch9i but this amazing #veganized mushroom

#pita 🥙 Do I even need to say anything of their pita? It’s the fluffiest pita I’ve had on this side of the earth and I’m livid that I can’t find anything as good in-store 😤 You’ll have to #asktoveganize by having them omit the sour cream but they seem to keep it just as juicy for us #ditchdairy folk 👩‍🌾 The #mushroom are amazing by the way! So oily and flavourful I’m furious that I’ve kept to their lavan and falafel wrap for so long 💆‍♀️ Do I not know me enough to know that I’m a #mushroomlover first and foremost? 🙎‍♀️ This, the amore 🍻, and mi amore 👯‍♀️ I’m in the most pleasant mood 😋 Kudos to this amazing food from #Israel 🙌

Oh #funghi my #fungi 😌🍄 It’s hard to believe that such an incredible #veganoption is

available at pretty unvegan restaurant 🫢 technically vegetarian but #asktoveganize 🙃

I’d never experienced an #umami mushroomy #charred experience like this one and still haven’t 🤪 The roastiness was ever so pronounced in both the #portobellomushrooms and #chives 😝 They replace the sour cream and aioli with tahini 😉 More savouriness for my palate 🤤 Best of all, it’s all packed in a #pita pouch of perfect fluff 😋

$18 is hefty but it’s hard to feel bad when I’m so satiated 🫠

If you’re got some cash to splurge, I’d highly recommend 🤪

I had this for lunch at work a few weeks ago. It was absolutely delicious!

I can definitely see why this place is so highly rated. The mushroom #pita was bursting with flavor from the spices, herbs, and #mushroom. The mushroom was so juicy and tender, and the pita was a soft fluffy cloud of deliciousness ☁️
My only criticism was that it was quite oily and salty. I probably got 100% of my daily recommended intake of sodium just from this dish 😂 Overall I’d still recommend it, though if I get food from here again I’d probably go for something a bit lighter like a salad.

#mushroomlover #miznon #lunch

Another amazing option at miznon! Firstly, impressed by how #plasticfree their #delivery is 👀 First

time trying the mushroom pita and I can’t decide whether I like this or the cauli option better 😍 My parents who typically only eat Asian food also loved the pita from Miznon! This + Jap sake in #homemade mugs was a vibe alright ✨ #abillionturns3

Another great pita from Miznon — absolutely filled to the brim with #mushrooms so if

you’re going to get this you better like mushrooms a lot 😉 I think I like their white pita (cauliflower) better but this is nice to switch things up! On the other hand, the wait to get one of these things is incredibly long so I’m not sure I’ll be making this a regular thing 🤷🏻‍♀️ #veganlunch

Haven't posted a review in a while 🙈 Had a fun lunch at Miznon with

@priyangav and got the mushroom pita 🥙 which was the only one I hadn't tried until then.

This is the softest pita I've ever had and the mushrooms (shitake, oyster and something else) were cooked well although a tad salty.

I'd rate the 3 pitas in the following order
1. Falafel 🧆
2. Mushroom 🍄
3. Cauliflower ◻️🥦

But make sure you get extra tahini when you place your order coz it'd be pretty dry without!

Yesss!!!!! I’ve been missing this delicious sandwich so much since the latest #covid lockdown here

in Singapore 🇸🇬

Luckily I had a coffee walk & talk nearby today and popped in for this. Heaps of mixed mushrooms that are just perfectly cooked - chewy, tender, mushy and even a bit charred - with dollops of tahini served on the best pita this side of Israel 🇮🇱


I really enjoyed this! 💯🍄😋 It is filled with tender and juicy portobello, oyster, and

shiitake mushrooms! I've tried 2 of their vegan pitas so far, and both are really delicious! Highly recommended! #abillionturns3

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