Review of Mushroom (Veganized) at Miznon Singapore by hownowbrownkow

photo of Miznon Singapore Mushroom (Veganized) shared by @hownowbrownkow on  16 May 2021 - review

Haven't posted a review in a while 🙈 Had a fun lunch at Miznon with @priyangav and got the mushroom pita 🥙 which was the only one I hadn't tried until then.

This is the softest pita I've ever had and the mushrooms (shitake, oyster and something else) were cooked well although a tad salty.

I'd rate the 3 pitas in the following order
1. Falafel 🧆
2. Mushroom 🍄
3. Cauliflower ◻️🥦

But make sure you get extra tahini when you place your order coz it'd be pretty dry without!

priyangav LOVE THE RANKING2 likesReply
svraphael88 Those mushrooms look so juicy and flavourful!2 likesReply
hownowbrownkow Indeed, they were!2 likesReply
plantiful wowwww looks good! 2 likesReply

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