Review of Mushroom (Veganized) at Miznon Singapore by dafnelately

photo of Miznon Singapore Mushroom (Veganized) shared by @dafnelately on  28 Sep 2022 - reviewphoto of Miznon Singapore Mushroom (Veganized) shared by @dafnelately on  28 Sep 2022 - review

I’m in love 🤩 ..and I’m not talking about @m1tch9i but this amazing #veganized mushroom #pita 🥙 Do I even need to say anything of their pita? It’s the fluffiest pita I’ve had on this side of the earth and I’m livid that I can’t find anything as good in-store 😤 You’ll have to #asktoveganize by having them omit the sour cream but they seem to keep it just as juicy for us #ditchdairy folk 👩‍🌾 The #mushroom are amazing by the way! So oily and flavourful I’m furious that I’ve kept to their lavan and falafel wrap for so long 💆‍♀️ Do I not know me enough to know that I’m a #mushroomlover first and foremost? 🙎‍♀️ This, the amore 🍻, and mi amore 👯‍♀️ I’m in the most pleasant mood 😋 Kudos to this amazing food from #Israel 🙌

vikas I love this one too but I’ve seen the kitchen staff make the mushrooms next to all the meat on the same grill too many times and all the juices all blend together. So I don’t order this one. They need to move the mushrooms somewhere else!1 likeReply
dafnelately Oh gross! Thanks for the notice! 😱 Reply

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