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Love Handle Burgers were seriously #SOGOOD I just went and got another one for dinner,

the Breakfast Burger 🍔 Very yummy #veganheaven burger 🍔 that's filling enough for a meal. The hash brown reminded me of eating McDonald's over a decade ago! With the explosion of tastes I did feel the different elements of the patty, mock egg and hash brown were competing and I couldn't savour the hash brown and mock egg as much as I would by itself. Having a bigger filling this burger also felt dry, Impossible patties seem to be that way, and I added a bit of my own ketchup. Hope they can find a way to make it more moist. Omg, idk if there has been a better time to be vegan. With such AMAZING options around, we don't have to miss eating meat! (That being said it is quite processed and expensive and so should only be an occasional treat 🤭 and I already ate 3 🍔 in a few days 🤣) #bestpicks #sgveganjunkfood

I actually brought my own container this time and had written it in my remarks when I ordered online. Still came in a paper box, the staff said he will give feedback to the management to let customers bring their own containers. Hope they can implement this soon so we can cut back on waste, compostable or not!

Unbelievable... By far the best Impossible burger I’ve ever had. Even the buns were so

good and soft. I rarely ever crave burgers but after trying this, I had to resist ordering from them again the next day, and the day after!
Even their fries are amazing. I used to love Long John Silvers’ fries (a bit like battered fries), and theirs is similar but of course a lot yummier. #burger

I really wanted to like this. I’ve been craving it ever since #lovehandleburgers first started

appearing on my feed, so when a chance presented itself I ordered the best sounding burger on the menu.

It started off badly - I’m not a fan of vegan cheese at the best of times, and this one really didn’t agree with me.

The bread wasn’t soft, the #impossibleburger was dry, and the hashbrown was really oily. The eggless frittata disintegrated into a tofu mush.

And yet there’s something about the combination of all of them together that made it very much like an actual burger. If you can look beyond the individual faults (and the insane price tag), this might be worth a try.

Or you can go to #privesg for a really good one.


Finally got to try Love Handle Burgers! 🍔🍔🍔 This breakfast vegan was thick and huge

- the burger itself was more than enough to fill me up without any sides! There is a yummy #impossiblepatty with a crispy fried hashbrown topped and a blanket of melted vegan cheese. It’s great if you wanna indulge in a meaty-like burger but I’m not a fan of the oil and how unhealthy it tasted! And while the burger is large, it’s also rather pricey! For now, I’ll stick to Veggie Dojo burgers 👀 #burgersofabv

An epic way to break intermittent fasting with @xueqi 🍔 There are pickles, their very

own vegan frittata, hashbrown, vegan cheese and an #impossibleburger patty! $16's pretty okay compared to the other chains here that offer impossible. They currently have a promo code: LOVEHANDLE15 for 15% off 🌟

Side note, I'm still spooked on the texture I kept checking the website dish description 😅 rest assured everyone, everything's vegan on their menu! Led by the ex hrvst/hellobby/garden club chef!!

What is not to love here? There is a crispy hash brown, a meaty patty,

oooooooozy cheeze and creamy tofu scramble. Literally when I die, I want this burger as my last meal. So. Freaking. Good. #burger

Current favourite 😍 super delicious burger. In addition to the impossible patty they had a

hashbrown one which made the combo super amazing, super filling and totally worth the price. Must try!

This burger is HUGE (my small mouth had a hard time coping 😅) and very

filling. It has an Impossible patty, hashbrown, vegan cheese, eggless frittata and their signature burger sauce.

It was also my first time trying Impossible meat and I was so surprised by how real it looked. It was slightly red on the inside making it look like a real medium rare meat patty. It tasted similar to a sausage patty tho.

I really wish it had something acidic like jalapeños or pickles to cut through the richness cuz it can get kinda heavy after a while.

At $18, it’s quite pricey but overall, it’s pretty good and kinda unhealthy (something you might wanna have when you want to indulge). #abillionlove

Probably my favourite burger from Love Handle! The Impossible patty, eggless frittata, hashbrown, vegan cheese

& housemade burger sauce compliments one other extremely well (except i had to remove the pickles... i am not a fan of them, don’t come after me).

It still perplexes me that whenever i tell someone i am a vegan, they assume that all i eat are salads and tofu... This is 2020, and a vegan eats everything a meat-eater consumes, except they’re not made out of animal carcasses or their secretions. We have every single plant-based substitution possible, & we do not suffer from nutrient deficiencies either... It has been 8 years for me, & i am still very much alive 💪🏻

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