Review of Breakfast Burger at Love Handle by noll-fyra

photo of Love Handle  Breakfast Burger shared by @noll-fyra on  24 Jul 2020 - reviewphoto of Love Handle  Breakfast Burger shared by @noll-fyra on  24 Jul 2020 - review

I really wanted to like this. I’ve been craving it ever since #lovehandleburgers first started appearing on my feed, so when a chance presented itself I ordered the best sounding burger on the menu.

It started off badly - I’m not a fan of vegan cheese at the best of times, and this one really didn’t agree with me.

The bread wasn’t soft, the #impossibleburger was dry, and the hashbrown was really oily. The eggless frittata disintegrated into a tofu mush.

And yet there’s something about the combination of all of them together that made it very much like an actual burger. If you can look beyond the individual faults (and the insane price tag), this might be worth a try.

Or you can go to #privesg for a really good one.


amazinganne Prive ACM was disappinting..burger was cold! Go to Hans Im Gluck!Reply
noll-fyra @amazinganne I had mine at the Tiong Bahru outlet. Hans Im Gluck is pretty good too. I heard good things about the Vegan Seagal burger at Potato Head from @amindfulmiao 2 likesReply
amazinganne @noll-fyra i suspect Prive Tiong Bahru is way better than ACM. awesome share about Potato Head, will check that out. Haha we are like on a good vegan burger hunt!1 likeReply
hownowbrownkow Ah that sucks! I do think the combo tastes better than the individual components. If only we could do a mashup of Hans Im Glück + Privē + Love Handle BurgersReply

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