Review of Breakfast Burger at Love Handle by herbimetal

photo of Love Handle  Breakfast Burger shared by @herbimetal on  16 Jun 2020 - review

Love Handle Burgers were seriously #SOGOOD I just went and got another one for dinner, the Breakfast Burger 🍔 Very yummy #veganheaven burger 🍔 that's filling enough for a meal. The hash brown reminded me of eating McDonald's over a decade ago! With the explosion of tastes I did feel the different elements of the patty, mock egg and hash brown were competing and I couldn't savour the hash brown and mock egg as much as I would by itself. Having a bigger filling this burger also felt dry, Impossible patties seem to be that way, and I added a bit of my own ketchup. Hope they can find a way to make it more moist. Omg, idk if there has been a better time to be vegan. With such AMAZING options around, we don't have to miss eating meat! (That being said it is quite processed and expensive and so should only be an occasional treat 🤭 and I already ate 3 🍔 in a few days 🤣) #bestpicks #sgveganjunkfood

I actually brought my own container this time and had written it in my remarks when I ordered online. Still came in a paper box, the staff said he will give feedback to the management to let customers bring their own containers. Hope they can implement this soon so we can cut back on waste, compostable or not!

franciscasotz OMG that's look sooooo 🤤🤤🤤Reply
herbimetal @franciscasotz all their 🍔 are 🤤😇Reply
franciscasotz @herbimetal I need to go into that place and said "shut up and take my moneyyy" 🤣🤣Reply
trinidadgs That’s looks amazing 😍🤤 🍔 Reply
whatthefuck Omgggggggggg omgggggggggg omgggggggggg Reply
herbimetal @whatthefuck yeah it's real good. Lol your name Reply

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