Review of Breakfast Burger at Love Handle by katherinegloria

photo of Love Handle  Breakfast Burger shared by @katherinegloria on  11 Jul 2020 - review

Probably my favourite burger from Love Handle! The Impossible patty, eggless frittata, hashbrown, vegan cheese & housemade burger sauce compliments one other extremely well (except i had to remove the pickles... i am not a fan of them, don’t come after me).

It still perplexes me that whenever i tell someone i am a vegan, they assume that all i eat are salads and tofu... This is 2020, and a vegan eats everything a meat-eater consumes, except they’re not made out of animal carcasses or their secretions. We have every single plant-based substitution possible, & we do not suffer from nutrient deficiencies either... It has been 8 years for me, & i am still very much alive 💪🏻

dilloneats Looks amazing. Do you prefer beyond or impossible burgers?🧐 what’s your fav. ?Reply
katherinegloria @dilloneats I have never liked the taste of meat since young. So all mock meats in general puts me off! But i am always down to try them. I would say i prefer the Impossible over the Beyond burger.Reply
dilloneats Right there with ya. I enjoy plant-based breaded chicken but i never really liked any other meat before going vegan, I still get a little queezy when I see someone cooking it😂 I try EVERYTHING that’s vegan though, so that I can advise non-vegans and new vegans on what they can eat when switching over. Personally I Prefer a bowl of veggies and rice any day though 😜Reply
katherinegloria @dilloneats Sounds like we’re on the same boat. I often try a variety of meat analogues to encourage my family to try veganism & to show them that a vegan diet is not “restrictive”. Right on the veggies & rice with you, i’d take those any day!Reply
plantsfeelthough Impossible and JUST EGG 🤯🤯🤯😯😯👌👌👏👏🤤🤤Reply
katherinegloria @plantsfeelthough Right? What an absolute steal!Reply
paloma I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!Reply
katherinegloria @paloma Me too! I personally feel like they make better burgers than most vegan places i knowReply
paloma @katherinegloria yeees! I also like Hans im Gluck♥️🙌Reply
katherinegloria @paloma I will definitely put that on my list!Reply
whatthefuck Wow 😲 Reply
honeybae The ingredients sounds better than most non-vegan breakfast sandwichesReply

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