Review of Breakfast Burger at Love Handle by pahulnotpaul

photo of Love Handle  Breakfast Burger shared by @pahulnotpaul on  12 Feb 2021 - review

This burger is HUGE (my small mouth had a hard time coping 😅) and very filling. It has an Impossible patty, hashbrown, vegan cheese, eggless frittata and their signature burger sauce.

It was also my first time trying Impossible meat and I was so surprised by how real it looked. It was slightly red on the inside making it look like a real medium rare meat patty. It tasted similar to a sausage patty tho.

I really wish it had something acidic like jalapeños or pickles to cut through the richness cuz it can get kinda heavy after a while.

At $18, it’s quite pricey but overall, it’s pretty good and kinda unhealthy (something you might wanna have when you want to indulge). #abillionlove

stevenneoh Welcome to the world of the impossible 😉2 likesReply
pahulnotpaul Hahaha thanks!! I don’t usually eat meat so that’s why I don’t think I’ll be having impossible that much either but it was a good experience tho 😄1 likeReply
stevenneoh And as for me, I don't think I'll need any Impossible for three months thanks to you wonderful people at abillion 😛3 likesReply
pahulnotpaul Awww that’s wonderful to hear 😆🥰1 likeReply
lizmaselli This looks incredible! I now need a sandwich with a hashbrown!🤣1 likeReply
pahulnotpaul Hahaha yess!! You should definitely take this as a sign get one 😝Reply
jontr This looks insanely good 1 likeReply
pahulnotpaul Thank you :))Reply
julyn I love the name of that burger place 🤣 💚What a pitty it didn’t exist yet when I was in Singapore 😫1 likeReply
pahulnotpaul I love the name too!! You should definitely eat there when u get the chance to visit Singapore again 😆1 likeReply

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