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Loved this!! Plenty of ingredients - mock prawns, taukee, brinjal, green beans, beansprouts & taukwa.

Soup was rich and lemak. So worth for $6.90. Would definitely order this again! #veganisnotscary

Known for its fragrance, goe laksa is amazing.. Unfortunately couldn't finish it with the mala

This isn’t up there in the top 5 vegan laksas on the island. But it’s

still a damn good treat.

I like the flavours and how loaded it is with tofu puffs, veg shrimp, beans

and veg in general, but overall it’s too heavy and creamy from the coconut milk! Had this for dinner a few hours ago and the heaviness is all I remember.

Itzzaa big bowl of tasty laksa–a little on the sweeter side (which I like) and

very satisfying. Although my stomach did a number after I ate this (but that could just be my sensitive gut reacting to the spices). I also really liked that it had actual vegetables in it!
I'm still on a hunt for the best vegan laksa in Singapore (Yi Xin is still on top of that list since 2018).

Creamy and delicious soup. Wish it’s a lil bit spicier. Generous portions of ingredients.


feel like laksa leaves no longer exist cos the laksa-s I’ve had never had one flake of the laksa leaves. Sad cos they made a world of difference. Just like pineapple sauce for satays.

As with most dishes trying to replicate something made with diff ingredients it is not

going to be comparable. Taken on its own merits, it is a hearty broth with recognisable laksa taste from the coconut milk and laksa leaves. Slightly sweeter than I would prefer.
Good value and a good soupy dish

i rarely order dishes from green on earth, this was my first time having their

laksa- i was pleasantly surprised. so good! the soup is spicy and creamy, the way i like laksa to be :o)

$6.90. Makes for a satisfying meal but I think I still prefer Greendot’s laksa!

Very flavourful gravy, with the right amount of spice, taste is good! Currently available as

a promo at $3 if you purchase using their voucher on Shopback

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