Jackfruit Tacos

by Analogue
4.51 (38)
  • Is Jackfruit Tacos vegan? Yes! Jackfruit Tacos is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Shut up and take my money 🤩 These are the best #tacos I’ve ever had.

I tried not to spoil myself in advance by reading the ingredients, a luxury I can’t often take, but Analogue is fully plant-based 🤭 I simply could not believe that the #jackfruit in these was prepared ala #thaibasil! No wonder the staff kept asserting us that it was #spicy! 🌶️ It was a mild heat, especially to my hell-trained tongue, but overall impressive. The garnish I believe is what they dub “micro” #coriander, which perhaps added to the zest. I could not br bothered to deconstruct this meal. It was simply too perfect 🤤 Sandwiched in a perfectly #crispy taco shell, it’s no wonder people rave on about this place. #bestpicks #veganfinedining #foodporn #veganfoodporn

Call us American but my wife and I love hard shell tacos! Nothing brings back

memories of family taco night than a pile of hard taco shells. So I was thrilled when I found these. And they’re stuffed with a delicious seasoned jackfruit mix that’s so perfectly spiced. With a sprinkle of lime the flavors just pop. Hands down best tacos in Singapore!

Best part #analogue is a 100% vegan restaurant with killer drinks and food located in one of the prettiest parts of town in #chijmes

This is the best jackfruit dish I’ve tried. The jackfruit is so soft and tender,

it’s almost like tuna but in the best way. The rendang is just so delicious with the jackfruit overflowing from the crispy taco shells… I am in love
#bestof #veganisnotscary

These #tacos were 🔥. Tasty, well-seasoned jackfruit with the consistency of pulled pork, not to

mention excellent structural integrity 🙃. Great for sharing with my pals @mariaubergine and @priyangav but equally could have easily finished it all myself hehe

These tacos consist of jackfruit rendang, crispy taco shell, butterhead lettuce and micro coriander.


These tacos were really delicious! My favourite dish at Analogue! The rendang was packed with amazing flavour. Highly recommend this dish!


Jackfruit Tacos ($25)- this is soooooo gooooood. Made of jackfruit rendang, tacos shells, butterhead lettuce

& micro coriander. Highly recommend this!!! We love. #veganisnotscary

Amazing marinated rendang jackfruit tacos! This was my bf’s favourite dish of the night. The

portion seems small but it’s insanely filling! The fried corn tortillas added a great crunch 🤤 #veganisnotscary

Love this dish! Consisting of jackfruit rendang and butterhead lettuce in tacos. Topped with micro

coriander. The jackfruit rendang was really delicious! Love the texture and taste. 100% would recommend this dish!

Tra le portate principali questi tacos shell croccanti ripieni di baby Jackfruit saporito e germogli,

a cui aggiungere del lime. Mi sono piaciuti, certo da soli non saziano, quindi serve ordinare altro. Non ricordo esattamente il prezzo ma saranno stati circa 25 SGD x 3 tacos come quello in foto

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