Review of Jackfruit Tacos at Analogue by vikas

photo of Analogue Jackfruit Tacos shared by @vikas on  13 May 2022 - review

#minorityowned, #zerowaste, #organic

Call us American but my wife and I love hard shell tacos! Nothing brings back memories of family taco night than a pile of hard taco shells. So I was thrilled when I found these. And they’re stuffed with a delicious seasoned jackfruit mix that’s so perfectly spiced. With a sprinkle of lime the flavors just pop. Hands down best tacos in Singapore!

Best part #analogue is a 100% vegan restaurant with killer drinks and food located in one of the prettiest parts of town in #chijmes

vforvegan That looks amazing ! 4 likesReply
danielgl Yum!2 likesReply
sunshineyum This looks like a professional photograph! Yum.... 🤤🌮 Definitely prefer hard shell tacos - if I wanted soft, I'd have a burrito 🌯? And ❤️💚❤️ lime! For me, must add a margarita cocktail to the meal. 😋 Sadly have never had a family taco night. Mebbe time to start one! 2 likesReply
vikas Ironically if you ask for a hard shell taco in Mexico they’ll look at you like you’re crazy!Reply

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