Review of Upstater Buffalo Tofu Salad at Orchard Grocer by veganfoodcrazy

photo of Orchard Grocer Upstater Buffalo Tofu Salad shared by @veganfoodcrazy on  07 Apr 2021 - review

I have to say that this is one of the best tofu dishes I’ve ever tried. The tofu is grilled perfectly and it’s covered in a spicy buffalo sauce the rest of the bowl consists of avocado ,carrots ,sunflower seeds ,a creamy green dressing ,croutons ( a gluten-free option is also available ) and cabbage. I Love that they give you lots and lots of tofu unlike some places that give you like two small pieces. I am posting this because we need to keep places like Orchard Grocer in business. #saveveganrestaurants

david- What an amazing looking salad-bowl!!1 likeReply
veganfoodcrazy Thank you David, it is so delicious 😋 Reply
flouredfingers That looks so tasty! Perfect shot 😍 📸Reply
smasherbrown That tofu looks incredible! Thanks for using the #saveveganrestaurants tag!!Reply

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