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Mule Sauce

by Sticker Mule


4.80 (5)

  • Is Mule Sauce vegan? Yes! Mule Sauce is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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22 August 2022
😍 Love these cute stickers from Sticker Mule!
📦 We received a delivery of stickers

for the next vegan night market in Vancouver #thevnm and Sticker Mule included this gift of hot sauce! 💥
🤤 It is SO good! It has a unique sweet heat and is made w/
🌶 Peppers of the gods: habanero, scotch bonnet & ghost.

#spicy #abillionlove #abillionrepresent

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I really enjoy this hot sauce. I find it to be a perfect combination of

flavourful and spicy. I enjoy that the base is red bell peppers for that intense flavor and then it is mixed with a variety of spicy peppers like scotch bonnet and habanero for that heat. Really great composition.

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16 November 2022
Got a sample with an order we placed. It was tasty hot sauce. It was

a sample so it makes sense that it was in a tiny plastic pouch, but I hate tiny plastic pouches as receptacles for sauce. I like free things though

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This hot sauce is not too hot and has a hint of sweet, which I

love. It goes great on everything from burrito bowls to vegan mac and cheese. Pretty surprising for a sticker company!

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Salsa piccante a base di peperoncini. Livello di piccantezza medio-alto, ma non copre il gusto

dei cibi ma anzi aggiunge un ottimo sapore oltre alla piccantezza. Si può aggiungere a qualsiasi pietanza, sta sempre bene!

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