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Review of Mule Sauce - Sticker Mule by anistavrou

photo of Sticker Mule Mule Sauce shared by @anistavrou on  22 Aug 2022 - review

Mule Sauce


Sticker Mule

😍 Love these cute stickers from Sticker Mule!
📦 We received a delivery of stickers for the next vegan night market in Vancouver #thevnm and Sticker Mule included this gift of hot sauce! 💥
🤤 It is SO good! It has a unique sweet heat and is made w/
🌶 Peppers of the gods: habanero, scotch bonnet & ghost.

#spicy #abillionlove #abillionrepresent

vikas Omg they sent you the sauce! I’ve always wanted the sauce but never gotten it in an order!1 likeReply
anistavrou I can't believe they never sent you one! It's really good! 😋
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