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Tom yum “shrimp”

by Immi


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31 August 2021
Fantastic flavor and the noodles are better than others in instant ramen. #uplandspeak

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I thought the broth was really good! Somehow felt creamy and light at the same

time! I've seen someone describe the flavor as fishy, but I didn't really noticed that. The noodles taste fine, but the texture is not like ramen. It's tougher and chewier. I actually cooked the noodles 4 minutes longer than suggested. The noodles texture wasn't an issue for me, but it may be an issue for some people. I bought the 12 variety pack and split it with friends so it came out to $6 a serving. I ate this two days ago and totally forgot to take a picture of the package!!! You can find nutrition information here though --> https://shop.immieats.com/products/tom-yum-shrimp-ramen

My mom gave me a tofu and veggie dish so I plated it with the ramen to make it a feast for the eyes :).

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I saw on ig that they changed the noodle recipe to be less tough so

this review is for the newest version. This is a high protein, high fiber, low carb ramen. Whatttt? It is NOT gluten free for people concerned about that and like all ramens, sodium is on the higher side but for me, this hit the marks I’m concerned about. All the flavors are entirely plant based and we tried the Tom Yum “Shrimp” flavor first (we purchased a variety pack with 3 flavors on Amazon). The noodles take 7-9 minutes to cook and they stay firm!! There was a little bit of a unique flavor to the noodle when I tasted it by itself (first ingredient is pumpkin seed protein which I think is very innovative). Not bad, just different. When you let it sit with the flavorful broth (the broth was delicious!!!), it all works together and I liked it! I love ramen and I’m always looking for a healthier version and this could be it. I added just egg, tofu, green onion and baby bok choy. Looking forward to the other flavors. I think adding mix ins definitely helped make the whole bowl tastier.

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