Review of Tom yum “shrimp” - Immi by chefvi13

photo of Immi Tom yum “shrimp” shared by @chefvi13 on  10 Apr 2023 - review


I thought the broth was really good! Somehow felt creamy and light at the same time! I've seen someone describe the flavor as fishy, but I didn't really noticed that. The noodles taste fine, but the texture is not like ramen. It's tougher and chewier. I actually cooked the noodles 4 minutes longer than suggested. The noodles texture wasn't an issue for me, but it may be an issue for some people. I bought the 12 variety pack and split it with friends so it came out to $6 a serving. I ate this two days ago and totally forgot to take a picture of the package!!! You can find nutrition information here though -->

My mom gave me a tofu and veggie dish so I plated it with the ramen to make it a feast for the eyes :).


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