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Ban-mian dry

by Xuan Miao Vegan


4.49 (13)

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6 February 2021
Delicious filling hearty meal. They've relocated here from Paya Lebar Square and I didn't realise

that it was a Kopitiam where I could've used my card until I had bought it. I love the sauce with the dry noodles and with the soup full of spinach, this is delightful and nutritious. Not all dishes from this stall are vegan, they are labelled accordingly. #abillionlove 🍜💚

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A nice hot dish on a rainy day. Portion was bigger than I expected, love

the qq tofu and spinach in the large bowl of soup. The noodles were flavorful too. $6.50

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Happy! Food!

✨ Chewy fresh 幼面 (you mian) noods of medium thickness
✨ Umami shiitake soup
✨ Generous

portion of fresh spinach for the nutritional gains
✨ Tasty QQ tofu
✨ Softened bits of fried gluten/soy (texture is airy and spongey; soaks up the flavours of the delicious soup really well)
✨ Super flavourful savoury gravy with a dollop of their signature Chinese toon sauce :’)

Kinda ex for food court nosh at $7 (also the average price across the stalls) but this food court has floor-to-ceiling glass windows, pretty aesthetic modern furniture & interior decor + great views of the surrounding greenery and architecture! Also the food is restaurant-quality soo it’s worth it imo :)

#sgnoodles #sgeats

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Fav you-mian & soup of all time :’) Super flavourful soup & noodle sauce with

a touch of fragrant xiang chun paste, yet healthy and not surfeiting at all. $7 for dry version with a big bowl of soup but generous portion so pls prepare to share if you have a small appetite! xP

#cyfavs #noodles #sgeats

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Super pleased to discover this place right around the corner from my new crib! Delicious,

generous and cheap vegan #hawkerfood staples 🤤. This simple dry ban mian was v flavorful and slurpy, and came with a huge bowl of spinach soup on the side. Great value!

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Craving satisfied. Personally, ban mian has better bite, texture than u-mian. I ordered dry version

as i like to add chilli. Tasted so good. Spinach soup was piping hot with mushrooms, fried fish maw. $7 per bowl.

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The highlight is the ban mian which comes with savoury brown sauce and a dollop

of green xiang chun sauce on the side. The xiang chun which is make from Chinese toon leaves, is minty, herbal, aromatic and intense, and goes so perfectly with the brown sauce. I finished the noodles and the sauce down to the last drop. Soup comes with mushrooms, tofu, mock fish maw and plentiful Chinese spinach. Alas it does have a faint MSG aftertaste. Cost $7 which is quite pricey for food court fare but can be considered worth it for the uniqueness of the noodles.

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just as good as i remember it to be! the dry noodles have a hint

of pesto (i think?? it's something herby), which is really genius to me because it brightens the whole dish. add a few spoonfuls of the soup and mix it all together for some sweet-savoury slurpy goodness 😻 super generous portion size as well — the soup comes LOADED with spinach, mushroom, 2 pcs of tofu and veg fish maw. btw i ordered half-portion of noodles but it was still a lot! ($6.50)

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This is one of my go-to places for ban mian!!! The noodles are so qq

and springy, coated with that delicious sauce and chili oil, and the soup is a bowl of piping hot comfort packed with veggies, tofu and mushrooms! How does one not fall in love with this dish?? My only (extremely minor) gripe that day was that they had to mix their spinach with some cabbage as they were running out of it - other than that, amazing bowl of noods ✨

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The treat for this dry ban mian was the soup, with generous helpings of spinach,

fishcake like tofu and fried tofu bits. The noodles itself was tasty, but needed a little of the soup to separate the pieces.

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