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olive buddha bowl

by WellSmoocht
4.68 (21)
  • Is olive buddha bowl vegan? Yes! olive buddha bowl is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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WellSmoocht288 dishes · 1,153 reviews

Well Dressed Salad Bar & Smoocht R'ice Cream dessert collaboration

8 Sin Ming Road, #01-03 Sin Ming Centre, Singapore 575628

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Most helpful reviews

Really love this buddha bowl. The Brown rice tossed in olive paste, sweet corn,

carrot, mushroom and purple cabbage. Every visit will definitely order this!


Personally preferred the flavours in this grain bowl over the Dragon Wellness Bowl! Very interesting

to see Chinese-style olive rice in a salad; fragrant but not oily or heavy at all! Served with creamy guacamole, marinated shiitake mushrooms, three bean salad, tofu scramble, purple cabbage, corn, and carrot. (*Allium-free) ($11.50) Btw, you can recreate this Olive Buddha Bowl with the WS Deli Bundle ($48)! Use promo code XINRU5 to get $5 off!

Good fresh ingredients! I also found this bowl much more flavourful than their dragonfruit bowl.

The olive rice is really tasty, much better than what I’ve had elsewhere and not oily too :)

They’re quite generous as I requested for less rice and more tofu but there was still plenty of rice!

my friend’s dish! also one of my favourite at wellsmoocht:”) super flavourful and has the

distinct olive rice taste without being overly oily! fresh veggies too hehehe

Sooo warm, filling and tasty. This is a comfort food bowl for me, every time.

But just a little bit too salty.

$11.50!! okay hands down still my favourite dish in wellsmoocht🥺 portion again super big (omg

who are these made for HAHA would definitely ask for less rice) rice was reminiscent of typical olive fried rice, but without the wok hei and intense olive flavour and greasiness, which I appreciated actually! it allowed the taste of the other veggies shine through. it was very clean and light on the palate :D the tofu scramble was alright, added a nice extra texture to the dish but didn’t add much flavour. the carrots added a nice crunch as well!! absolutely love the mushrooms that was coated in this really good marinade. oh and the mixed bean salad!! had chickpeas, edamame and kidney beans, great protein boost hehe. the avocado on top really binded everything together, and just added a really good extra oomph!! absolutely love this and highly recommend:”) #veganisnotscary

what can I say except this is still one of my favourite things from here😭

so glad my friends really liked this too!!! mixed everything up (which I honestly regretted bc having the avo at the side would’ve been more enjoyable) and everything went so well together hehe. the olive taste was really strong and the mix of fresh vegetables was just 10/10. loved the mushrooms especially!!! not too oily too hehe definitely recommend this #veganuary

🍘 Olive sauted rice is flavourful! And it was a slight amount of oil, which

is great. Several toppings to go with like the tofu, mushroom, carrots and corn. But I really still wanted to add on the tempeh! Haha. 🥰

The dish was a good balance of flavours. The avocado, roasted mushrooms and olive oil-infused

rice were on the savoury side but the cut cabbage, carrot, tofu scramble and corn brought a sweet and refreshing taste to the palate. The dish is a little costly but their serving size is around one and a half bowl of rice for you to share.

Really loved this!!!!! The olive rice was warm and felt like a hug in my

mouth🥰🥰 it was just so flavourful hehe. The tofu egg was so similar to real egg that I asked my friend if it was real egg even though I knew I was in a vegan restaurant🤣 and the portion was plenty with super fresh veggies😇 loved the mushroom too. Only downside is that the edamame and beans were a little too salty? But if not I would return just to have this hehe

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