Vegan Chilli ‘Squid’

  • Is Vegan Chilli ‘Squid’ vegan? Yes! Vegan Chilli ‘Squid’ is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews


This was insane! Delicious crispy outside, vvv tasty dipping sauce and

chewy mushroom texture! Really pleased and would defo get again.

These are the best vegan starter on the menu. Great crispy bites of loveliness. Had

to do a double-check to make sure they were indeed vegan. Really recommend 👌

Are you squidding me?! 🦑 🌱 A lovely addition to the Wagamama vegan menu. Great

to see so many restaurants getting creative with their vegan food, especially with this dish which was made out of pulled king oyster mushrooms! 🍄 I had flashbacks to eating calamari in my pre-vegan days but this was @abillion10 times better as it was without a ‘fishy’ smell or taste and there was no harm caused! 💚 #vegansquid #vegancalamari #abillionlove

I was a little unsure about trying a new dish at Wagamama, when I have

my firm favourites (i.e the veg gyoza), but I wanted to support Wagamama’s move to introduce many more vegan options.

Made with king oyster mushrooms encased in light tempura batter and served with a chilli and coriander dipping sauce, I was impressed!

A little light bite to start a meal but full of flavour. Give it a go!



did the plant pledge to get this side for free at wagamama’s - was rly

excited to try these and they didn’t disappoint! so amazing how much you can do w mushrooms! got these w my non vegan friend and she was also v impressed so was a success 🎉


Lightly battered pulled king oyster mushrooms. Shimchi sticky dipping sauce with fresh chilli and coriander.

Great texture which is truly reminiscent of Salt N Pepper squid. The sauce is deliciously light and thin, as it should be 👍. I only marked this down because the batter could have been lighter IMO. This said, I will order this again because it tasted fantastic and I wouldn’t be surprised if the batter is perfect!

I love the way Wagamama has a Vegan only menu!!!!!!

We had 2 mains, 3 sides and 2 pints of Asahi for £50.50 - excellent food and value for money

lightly battered pulled king oyster mushrooms. shichimi. sticky dipping sauce with fresh chilli+ coriander

I mean

is there anything king oyster mushrooms can’t do?!?! These were so so good! Light, crunchy, with not to much chew! Dipping sauce was perfect addition and there was a whole load of them perfect to share ♥️

Made from king oyster mushrooms! Very good texture that is reminiscent of calamari... the dipping

sauce was delicious and this was a really exciting starter, but the amount of batter was a bit overpowering and heavy for me personally

Was excited to try this as I’d never seen anything like it. The portion size

was pretty decent and don’t get me wrong I did enjoy it but it’s one of those things where all the flavour is in the batter and I found that the mushroom ‘squid’ was quite tough and difficult to bite through which made it quite messy. The sauce I also thought was too thin to be partnered with something like this cause it just dripped everywhere. Again more expensive than the meat counterpart.

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