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Vegan Chilli ‘Squid’

by Wagamama Leicester


4.33 (21)

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22 April 2021
Are you squidding me?!

🦑 🌱 A lovely addition to the Wagamama vegan menu. Great to see so many restaurants getting creative with their vegan food, especially with this dish which was made out of pulled king oyster mushrooms! 🍄 I had flashbacks to eating calamari in my pre-vegan days but this was @abillion times better as it was without a ‘fishy’ smell or taste and there was no harm...

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4 June 2021
Made from king oyster mushrooms!

Very good texture that is reminiscent of calamari... the dipping sauce was delicious and this was a really exciting starter, but the amount of batter was a bit overpowering and heavy for me personally

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26 May 2021

This was insane! Delicious crispy outside, vvv tasty dipping sauce and chewy mushroom texture! Really pleased and would defo get again.

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8 September 2021
They had quite interesting but good flavour, the texture was a bit strange as the

‘squid’ (which was mushroom I believe) was quite tough and chewy in contrast to the crispy outside but overall it was a fairly enjoyable dish

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6 July 2021
lightly battered pulled king oyster mushrooms.

shichimi. sticky dipping sauce with fresh chilli+ coriander

I mean is there anything king oyster mushrooms can’t...

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14 July 2021
Great idea, battered king oyster mushrooms aka vegan squid.

The batter taste was quite dominant, but the consistency was quite squid like

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6 August 2021
This was UNREAL!

So so tasty! I have never had squid but I do love mushrooms! So good 🙌🏼

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31 May 2021
I was so excited to see this added to the menu, chilli squid used to

be my absolute favourite. I have to say though this was a little disappointing; it’s definitely more like straight up battered mushrooms, which was fine if that’s hat you expect, but not to be compared to regular chilli squid. The dip is amazing though I’d just buy that on its...

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30 October 2021
The batter was really nice, very crispy and seasoned nicely.

I liked the sweet and spicy sauce too.

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2 October 2021
did the plant pledge to get this side for free at wagamama’s - was rly excited

to try these and they didn’t disappoint! so amazing how much you can do w mushrooms! got these w my non vegan friend and she was also v impressed so was a success...

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