Yasai Pad Thai

by Wagamama
3.98 (25)
  • Is Yasai Pad Thai vegan? Yes! Yasai Pad Thai is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Flat rice noodles in “amai” (=sweet) sauce (which is literally quite sweet), topped with tofu,

veggies and some herbs. It contains chili but is far less spicy than their hot curry. #abillionlove

Lots of beansprouts and noodles in a light amai sauce with spring onions and light

squidgy tofu and coriander!

Thought I’d make a change from my usual noodle dish at waga’s and try their

pad Thai but what a disappointment!!!☹️ there really wasn’t much sauce so it was quite dry and lacking in flavour and honestly didn’t taste much like a pad Thai, I’ve had waaay better pad thai’s before from Thai restaurants! I also feel like the portion size is a tad smaller than their other noodle dishes? But it has got tofu for some protein and plenty coriander which I love. I won’t be getting this again, I’ll stick to what I know is good! For £10.25 I’d want it to be a lot saucier and slightly bigger portion size to match with their other noodle dishes.

#abillionturns3 #pridemonth

Good Pad Thai, quite fragrant so you need to enjoy lemongrass, coriander etc. Big portion!💚🌱

Sadly, I was not the biggest fan of the pad Thai. I felt it was

a little flavourless and not worth the calories. I added the rest of my sweet and sour dipping sauce from the side which helped, but I will not be ordering this again.
Calories - 728

Rice noodles in amai sauce with fried tofu, beansprouts, leeks, chilli, red and spring onion.

Garnished with fried shallots, mint, coriander and fresh lime.

I enjoyed it but wouldn’t order this again. The tofu was cooked to perfection and the vegetables were crisp and fresh. IMO for an authentic taste a pad Thai needs to be slightly sweet and sour. For me, this dish lacked tamarind, more sauce and some crushed peanuts to garnish. This was our least favourite of the five dishes but, in it’s defence, the overall standard was amazingly high!!!!

I love the way Wagamama has a Vegan only menu!!!!!!

We had 2 mains, 3 sides and 2 pints of Asahi for £50.50 - excellent food and value for money

I ordered the veggie not the vegan version of this (no.47 on the menu) from

the leicester branch and it was awful. I should say I'm a huge fan of wagamamas and the staff replaced the dish free of charge but I'd have really like to have known about these reviews before I ordered. I should have checked. It was extremely bland, lacked all of the flavours you'd expect from a pad thai and the tofu was soft and mushy. I guess some people might like that(?) but to me it felt like they'd use silken tofu more suited to desserts than the firmer variety. Because its fried and then added in, it has none of the flavours you'd expect if it was cooked as part of/in the dish.
My replacement meal was the spicy vegatsu and it was lovely. I'll know to check food reviews before i order a new dish next time as it seems some of my points have already been highlighted several times over by other reviewers. Not the usual flavoursome wagamama standard.

Sorry for the presentation, I accidentally mixed it in before taking the photo. This dish,

unlike most of the vegan stuff at wagamama, had a nice sweet taste to it instead of umami. This made it very refreshing. There was also a hint of lime throughout the dish too which was quite nice (that could just be because I squeezed a lime on it😂). However, the very soft tofu that was used wasn't the best in my opinion and works better with a ramen than this - I would have preferred a firmer bite. Lots of veg so lots of varied textures too. I probably wouldn't get this again, not because it wasn't nice, but because wagamama offer so many other brilliant vegan meals. £9.95 but half price with Eat Out to Help Out.

Pad Thai vegan di Wagamama, molto buono, saporito e ben condito

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