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Yasai Pad Thai

by Wagamama


3.94 (25)

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11 June 2021
Thought I’d make a change from my usual noodle dish at waga’s and try their

pad Thai but what a disappointment!!!☹️ there really wasn’t much sauce so it was quite dry and lacking in flavour and honestly didn’t taste much like a pad Thai, I’ve had waaay better pad thai’s before from Thai restaurants! I also feel like the portion size is a tad smaller than their other noodle dishes? But it has got tofu for some protein and plenty coriander which I...

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10 March 2022
Super tasty!

The tofu was amazing! Big portion, could be shared between two

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28 February 2021
Flat rice noodles in “amai” (=sweet) sauce (which is literally quite sweet), topped with tofu,

veggies and some herbs. It contains chili but is far less spicy than their hot curry. #abillionlove

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9 September 2020
Lots of beansprouts and noodles in a light amai sauce with spring onions and light

squidgy tofu and coriander!

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5 March 2020
I love that wagamamas are so vegan friendly and I’ve raved about previous dishes.

This was nice, didn’t feel overly fresh and lacking on tofu but filled a hole. Nice.

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24 August 2020
Sorry for the presentation, I accidentally mixed it in before taking the photo.

This dish, unlike most of the vegan stuff at wagamama, had a nice sweet taste to it instead of umami. This made it very refreshing. There was also a hint of lime throughout the dish too which was quite nice (that could just be because I squeezed a lime on...

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2 April 2020
Very good pad thai.

Full of fresh flavours. The tofu was especially nice !

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2 January 2020
This consisted mainly of beansprouts.

A little disappointing and quite sweet - not sure if Pad Thai is normally sweet to be fair 😂

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14 March 2020
Good Pad Thai, quite fragrant so you need to enjoy lemongrass, coriander etc. Big portion!💚🌱


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