Review of Yasai Pad Thai at Wagamama Leicester by leswift

photo of Wagamama Leicester Yasai Pad Thai shared by @leswift on  12 Mar 2022 - review

I ordered the veggie not the vegan version of this (no.47 on the menu) from the leicester branch and it was awful. I should say I'm a huge fan of wagamamas and the staff replaced the dish free of charge but I'd have really like to have known about these reviews before I ordered. I should have checked. It was extremely bland, lacked all of the flavours you'd expect from a pad thai and the tofu was soft and mushy. I guess some people might like that(?) but to me it felt like they'd use silken tofu more suited to desserts than the firmer variety. Because its fried and then added in, it has none of the flavours you'd expect if it was cooked as part of/in the dish.
My replacement meal was the spicy vegatsu and it was lovely. I'll know to check food reviews before i order a new dish next time as it seems some of my points have already been highlighted several times over by other reviewers. Not the usual flavoursome wagamama standard.

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