Review of Yasai Pad Thai at Wagamama by vegneve

photo of Wagamama Yasai Pad Thai shared by @vegneve on  11 Jun 2021 - review

Thought I’d make a change from my usual noodle dish at waga’s and try their pad Thai but what a disappointment!!!☹️ there really wasn’t much sauce so it was quite dry and lacking in flavour and honestly didn’t taste much like a pad Thai, I’ve had waaay better pad thai’s before from Thai restaurants! I also feel like the portion size is a tad smaller than their other noodle dishes? But it has got tofu for some protein and plenty coriander which I love. I won’t be getting this again, I’ll stick to what I know is good! For £10.25 I’d want it to be a lot saucier and slightly bigger portion size to match with their other noodle dishes.

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totoro It definitely doesn't look enough for that price 😱 2 likesReply
vegneve I know!! I’m so disappointed because I love a pad Thai!☹️1 likeReply
sopheen Oh nooo! I always usually love this and I ask for extra tofu cos I agree it's too small 😭 but yeah it's not very authentic as a pad Thai 🙄3 likesReply
vegneve @ waga’s do better pls😭😭2 likesReply
veganadam Why didn't they fill your plate?! 😲1 likeReply
vegneve Photo’s a wee bit deceiving because they kind of peak their portions, but this portion is still waaay to small to even see that😭 1 likeReply

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