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Matcha Latte

by The Plant Food


3.89 (7)

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11 December 2021
🍵 Love the warmth of a matcha green latte in my hands while sitting near

the window and looking at the gentle sun rays flow in. Double wall glass is nice to hold the warmth in a bit longer. Although I tend to be 3/4 done by the time my meal is...

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7 August 2022
Made with Oatly and not too sweet at all.

Quite pleasant!

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3 October 2021

Not too sweet and matcha taste is sufficient and the milk goes well with it. Additional $1 for iced version.

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2 April 2023
Watery but taste was okay.

Mild matcha and oat milk. They used Oatly, maybe that's why. Not sweet and I love that.

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9 May 2022
Too sweet for my liking, the matcha fine otherwise.

Comes with plastic straw 👎

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2 March 2022
Japanese powder green tea with Oatly, quite smooth and creamy, not too bitter!

(Iced $5.90)

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2 October 2021

Menu didn’t provide much information on which milk was used, but over all yummy and the drink was pretty filling on its own!

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