Zucchini Lasagne

  • Is Zucchini Lasagne vegan? Yes! Zucchini Lasagne is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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#VeganIsNotScary #410

Fresh Zucchin, Taco ‘meat’, macadamia cheese, cashew cream, pesto & fresh tomatoes.

This was Vegan and super yummy 🤤 must try 😂

Surprisingly good! I did not think I would enjoy a lasagne that much but It’s

one of the better ones I had. Quite frankly, not worth the price I paid for it but it’s worth buying just to try one time.
It was filling, lovely flavours and although it wasn’t cooked, had some similar textures you exoect from a lasagne
#raw #italian #lasagne #singapore

WOW I was blown away by this dish… I’m often a bit skeptical of fully

#raw dishes but this zucchini lasagna was rich and substantial, with overwhelming flavor. But fresh at the same time! Highly recommend.

I wouldn’t say it tastes like lasagna but it does taste good, and I enjoy

add more raw to my diet. #crf

This raw zucchini lasagne cost $20. It won the abillionveg 2020 SG top 50 award,

so I had to give it a try! There were layers of fresh zucchini, juicy tomatoes, and crunchy walnut 'minced meat', all generously doused in macadamia cheese, cashew cream, and pesto. A dish full of colours and flavours! Interesting and refreshing even if it did not resemble normal lasagne.

You know its going to be good when there's nooch sprinkled on top. They say

its macadamia cheese but you can definitely tell that there's nooch in it too. The lasagna is made out of zucchini and tomato slices, so it's very veryy wet. A little troublesome trying to figure out how to cut into it too cause I didn't want it to fall apart. But honestly it's really good. The marinara(?) sauce contained bits of 'meat' and has a bbq-ish taste. Slightly smokey. There's also pesto, and creamy cashew mayo. Despite it's appearance, it's very filling. Is it worth the price though? Hmm...

Amazing! Wasn’t sure what to expect with a raw lasagne but this really ticked all

the boxes so much so that I didn’t even miss having actual pasta. All the vegetables were so fresh and the house made vegan tomato, benchamel and cheese sauces complemented each other perfectly. Very good assembly too, kept its structural integrity the whole time. At $20, it is expensive, but I think it’s worth it to have as a healthy treat once in a while and I for sure will be back for more!

This is by far my favourite dish at The Living Cafe. It is creamy, umami

and refreshing at the same time. The tomatoes are fat and juicy, the sauces are just the right combo of savoury and piquant and the nuts add a round earthiness to the entire dish. This is perfection.

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