Review of Zucchini Lasagne at The Living Cafe by nadoose

photo of The Living Cafe Zucchini Lasagne shared by @nadoose on  06 May 2019 - review

You know its going to be good when there's nooch sprinkled on top. They say its macadamia cheese but you can definitely tell that there's nooch in it too. The lasagna is made out of zucchini and tomato slices, so it's very veryy wet. A little troublesome trying to figure out how to cut into it too cause I didn't want it to fall apart. But honestly it's really good. The marinara(?) sauce contained bits of 'meat' and has a bbq-ish taste. Slightly smokey. There's also pesto, and creamy cashew mayo. Despite it's appearance, it's very filling. Is it worth the price though? Hmm...

lou i didnt really enjoy the macadamia cheese the last time i tried it here but this looks really good!Reply
nadoose Oh? What did you have? Reply
lou i had one of their pizzas which had the macadamia cheese and the raw zucchini noodles! it's kind of far for me so i hardly go 😅Reply
paloma It looks delicious😋Reply

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