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Super spicy and tangy with lemongrass, chilli oil, and spices! Thick rice vermicelli noodles served

with 'beef' pieces, fried beancurd, soy skin, and chunks of king oyster mushrooms. Very aromatic and high in protein! It was too spicy for my companion but I liked the kick, and there was also a good amount of bite / 'meatiness'! Would have been good to balance things out with a bit of vegetables such as radish cubes. (Allium-free option, $11.80) #sgvegan #vietnamese #womenowned #minorityowned

No moo, no problem! This warm bowl of noodles was packed full of flavourful and

protein-rich ingredients - firm tofu, soy sticks, in-house 'ham', 'beef' pieces, king oyster mushrooms, and beansprouts. All of these came in a soup-er aromatic spicy satay broth with lemongrass herbs. 😋

#veganin2020 #sgvegan #sgveganeats #sgvegancommunity

U know it’s gonna be a wholesome #noodle soup meal when you’re meeting at Kind

Bowl!!! It was kind of a gloomy, rainy morning so slurping on veggie pho was just perffff 💟 LOVE THE SPICINESS IN THIS NOODLE SOUP, I think it’s my fav dish from Kind Bowl amidst a 10/10 menu. During the meal we witnessed a couple walk out after clarifying that the menu is 100% vegan 😭 — they dunno what they’re missing man! Caught @munch in action, taking her #hashthetic pho photos 🍜🍜

waited a long time to eat at the kind bowl. vietnamese food is something i’ve

been craving for years but i was never able to find a proper vegan-friendly joint in sg. not expensive, $10.90 for a main dish to eat at a nice place. there’s mint leaves in everything which i’m a fan of. the toilet here is 10/10, looking forward to be back. #veganuary

A real good spicy kick! I like the variety of soy pieces, and also the

serving of mushrooms. Satisfying serving, good for a rainy day or when you wanna sweat it out!

Would be good to slice the mushrooms smaller since it is hard to pull it apart with chopsticks. I personally don't like the thick vermicelli noodles, so would be great to have a flat noodle option. Would also be great to add veg, e.g. bean sprouts, to make it a more well rounded dish. #abillionlove

a (mild) spicy alternative to the original pho. not as spicy as i’d like but

still sooo tastyy! loved the seitan “beef” slices esp. one of my favs at the kind bowl for sure. #veganisnotscary

This is one of their NEWER noodle bowls and I’m in love with it!!! It’s

spicy just the way I like it and PACKED with ingredients 💁🏻‍♀️🌶🔥 This is my new fav dish at Kind Bowl! If you haven’t been to Kind Bowl yet... you gotta go 😂 #abillionlove

Comforting bowl of spicy noodle soup on a rainy day. Good size portion. Loaded with

bean sprouts, beancurd, beancurd skin and fresh herbs. A dash of lime juice helps to balance out the spiciness. Love this dish!

a generous bowl of noodles with a good spicy kick. the vegetables and tofu inside

were varied and filling as well! my favourite pho place :)

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